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TUTORIAL!! Learn how to get that FLAWLESS Kim K. Concealer and Foundation.

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  • MsLeelee94 5 years ago

    i just can’t find the right color foundation for my color i have given up i
    just bought 2 different kind and i looked ashey or like a dead person its
    frustrating my face has yellow undertones but my hands and body is dark so
    im light here dark there any advise on how i can match my color i dont
    where make up because of this and i should be i would look better but i
    dont want to look ashey

  • kterbo 5 years ago

    Hi, I liked the video but the makeup did not look that blended. Too white
    under eyes and not elsewhere. I think Kardashian has the glow from the
    center of the forehead and down the cheekbones and bridge of nose. That is
    part of her concealer foundation trick. 

  • نرمين نيرو 5 years ago
  • Hanan s. 5 years ago

    Wow ! Your good . Bravo

  • speechless00 5 years ago

    but shes so pretty without.

  • redc4353 5 years ago

    the girl just look a like ema watson

  • bengigirl01 5 years ago

    What colour foundation and concealer did you use on the model?

  • CoryGuess 5 years ago

    Go watch the ebony and ivory clip on foundation by gossmakeupartist please.
    Nice effort for using a darker tone model but the colors look yellow on her
    and the mate powder also look fade… Sorry…

  • Mikeysmommy2008 5 years ago

    Can’t wait for your new videos!!

  • Strawberry1139 5 years ago

    actually, makeup forever loose powder is crappy because it shows up in
    flash photography.

  • MakeupartistUK 5 years ago


  • Kyle Stephen 5 years ago

    This is the 3rd time you uploaded this!!

  • ThinkLuluBee 5 years ago

    why is her forehead so much darker than her face….

  • AndreaJuliet 5 years ago

    Hi great video, I’m wondering exactly what shade did you use on her for the
    pro longwear concealer? thank you!

  • Lynda Rivera 5 years ago

    I follow you on Instagram, but whyyyyy did I just find your YouTube????

  • Maria Beltran 5 years ago


  • elina Koju 5 years ago

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  • Koril Lavine 5 years ago

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  • justin bieber 5 years ago

    my face was two different colours when i tried Lol

  • ivannaq9906 5 years ago

    I think the foundation is a little bit yellos

  • kmaster271 5 years ago

    The makeup application is horrible. The concealer doesn’t look blended in

  • smart slick 5 years ago

    hey dchinchilla your makeup is really superb I dont see a reason to ask you
    to check how gossmua does his job……but just wanted to mention one
    chanel which is by far very creative but havent been recognized yet and its
    beauty junction pls check

  • Sabrina Khan 5 years ago

    This just looks weird. The concealer is way too light for her skin which
    means that her skin is all different shades. Her forehead is much darker
    than the rest of her ghostly looking face. She was so much more beautiful
    without all the makeup.

  • a awa 5 years ago

    i would ask the same Q *_*?

  • Christy Candelario 5 years ago


  • dessiegirl 5 years ago

    If your skin tone is the lightest you should be able to mix a very little
    bit of white with your foundation to make a lighter “concealer”

  • StraightSuccess 5 years ago

    I pray that my wife/girl friend never goes through this. I like women that
    can just walk out with some lotion on their face, and show their natural
    beauty. I’m not big on women with all of that make-up caked on their face.

  • prettywickedlove 5 years ago

    This chick is way prettier than that dumb kim k.

  • MissClaudia Villalobos 5 years ago

    LOVE LOVE why have i not found you sooner!!!!

  • julietabp 5 years ago

    you make it look so easy!!! hehe I loved this video. It’s by far one of the
    simplest ways I’ve seen to achieve the “Kim K Look” Thank youuu!

  • silvana evt evt 5 years ago

    Por favooooor en español Castellano

  • Bychance37 5 years ago

    Thanx for using a model with brown skin, beautiful!

  • Minjee 5 years ago

    i hear a little chipmunk voice :)

  • CrehzehBehbeh 5 years ago

    This is AMAZING

  • BeautyByDChinchilla 5 years ago

    YAY!! thx babe :)

  • Catty Parlour 5 years ago

    How to apply make up on skin which has scars on the face, the neck, arms
    and under the eyes so as to cover the blemishes N the scars? What products
    to use to make it look very smooth N hide the scars? ( A fair skin) Thanks
    for your help.

  • Claudia Yeung 5 years ago

    Im already the lightest shade. How do i find concealer thats couple shades
    lighter than my foundation?

  • April Culberson 5 years ago

    Finally someone who actually put the concealer on first I always tell my
    clients if you want to highlight under the eyes you shouldn’t pack on a
    bunch of foundation first you concealer should blend down into the

  • Mikeysmommy2008 5 years ago

    Haha this is the same video lol you tricked me ;)

  • Tiana seniorita 5 years ago

    that is just way to much concelor.. i never liked the way kim kardashian
    did her concelor you can literally tell she has it on, you want your
    concelor to look natural not caked on like Kim’s.

  • joankissez1987 5 years ago

    Wow thats awesome!!

  • eliza12311 5 years ago

    how to get that look if i nw15?

  • Rabindra Tandukar 5 years ago

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