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Hello, Wish Trenders. This video is regarding the hair color trend in Korea. We prepared this video for resolving your questions about several Korean girl gr…

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  • Celestial Monsoon 4 years ago

    “This is especially good for those who has, um… Asian.” lol

  • Lisa N. 4 years ago

    I’ve personally never dyed my hair before so this was an interesting video
    to watch.

  • Ashley Vang 4 years ago

    I feel like she was having trouble trying to explain herself.. She
    should’ve just said everything in korean and had subtitles on the bottom. 

  • Mumu Lulu 4 years ago

    Matt Brown and ash brown is my natural hair colour. I have some red
    undertones too

  • Dana Dan-Lin Wang 4 years ago

    It’s especially to those who have … Asian x) Haha, Tay

  • Auston HeartANIME 4 years ago

    How long should you keep the hair dye in your hair before washing it off,
    if you’re Asian with very dark black hair and you want the 7N light brown
    color? Thanks 

  • MaknaeMimi☆ 4 years ago

    I really want to try this out <3

  • EmmaFAULT 4 years ago

    What hair dye was the matt brown with grey kinda tone to it. I really want
    that one, however i have caucasian hair. Is there any korean hair dye thats
    friendly to my type of hair, because I’m not sure what there is to consult
    about the fact its Caucasian hair i thought all hair dyes would be fine on
    all hair >.< lol

  • Ronnie Rotregez. 4 years ago

    Do you know which color Jun ji hyun has on the drama You who came from the
    stars? I really love that color!

  • rishellz 4 years ago

    I’m not asian and have naturally dark-med brown hair (nearly going golden
    when hit by the sun). If I wanted to use asian hair dyes (because I love
    their colours more than the one’s we get), could I just dye my hair black,
    wait a few days then use the asian hair dye?
    Also do you know if they all contain bleach for the purpose of lightening
    dark asian hair?

  • Cheryl N 4 years ago

    I was hoping for all good things with all of the plant ingredients, but the
    first ingredient after water is p-Aminophenol, which is derived from
    coal-tar, and is not healthy.

  • Alice L. 4 years ago

    How do you spell the brand of bubble hair dye? Comfum isn’t showing up on
    google.. Can’t spell T-T

  • Camille West 4 years ago

    Can you suggest a color thatis just very close to black? thank you

  • Aqua_Sophia 4 years ago

    What haircolor is best for tan skin?? I can’t choose between milk or
    chocolate brown..

  • Kae C 4 years ago

    PLEASE HELP!! – I can’t pick if I want milk brown or orange brown. My skin
    tone has gotten lighter and my current colour is washing me out, I also
    have a warm undertone. Which one should I choose???

  • Windy Choi 4 years ago

    what is the brand name of that hair color that you recommended? is it
    Confume right? and where can I buy that ? ~

  • shazhux .blackrose 4 years ago

    This hairdye is awesome, smell nice too.(to me)
    Dont think it did anything harm to my hair after using , instead it feels
    better :D
    will strongly recommend this hairdye! :D 

  • MsKeelyKat13 4 years ago

    Personally, I think that orange is a nice color (on some people). Like Kim
    Taehyung from BTS!

  • MaknaeMimi☆ 4 years ago


  • BRANDEN JS Shin 4 years ago

    you sound a little bit dumb…
    It seems like you are reading script

  • MolMar Davis 4 years ago

    Can you use the light brown on black hair without bleaching it ?

  • MCsquirrel16 4 years ago

    If you have black/very dark brown hair would you have to bleach it before
    using these products? Or would the dye be strong enough to show through? Is
    that what you meant by the dye being created specifically for Asian hair?
    Thank you for the video!! 

  • Kpop Banana 4 years ago

    i live in germany so we don’t have korean or japanese hair dye. I have
    black hair and want to get ash brown, can anyone give me an advice with
    which color from L’oreal paris or garnie can i achieve ash brown ?

  • Miggs Black 4 years ago

    can i order anywhere?

  • Jasmin Panumpang 4 years ago

    how will you remove it ??

  • Marcass Funplay. 4 years ago

    Where can we find matt brown like suzy ?

  • Tiffany Nguyen 4 years ago

    Palty is the best for Asian hair. No need to bleach before hand. I’ve been
    using it for years and it works so well. It is a Japanese brand not a
    korean brand but if you guys are looking for one that works well on Asian
    hair, palty is the best bet.

  • Midori Hisakawa 4 years ago

    Mhm, we have those Bubble hairdye here in Japan too. Personally I’ll never
    understand why they are so popular, because they only stay in your hair for
    like 2-3 weeks (depending on how often you wash your hair). :X

  • asdafuq 4 years ago

    Anyone know what color did tiffany use for tts’ holler promotion? or at
    2014 mama? 

  • Sze Ying Agnes Cheung 4 years ago

    Hi, can you make a video about hair salon in KR? I am now live in KR and
    don’t know where to have my hair cut. Would you recommend me some salon or
    hair stylists? I am a girl with short hair. Thank you ^^

  • kerrie ly 4 years ago

    what colour is Girl’s generation’s (snsd) Jessica’s hair colour anyone?

  • precious chochin 4 years ago

    Hi all, I have asian white skin like the girl in Wishtrend TV. I want to
    dye my hair the first time myself after watching this moive. Recently, I
    get eye on Light Mahogany Copper Brown from Loreal. Can anyone give me some
    suggestion about whether Light Mahogany Copper Brown is matched well for my
    skin color? I just want my skin brighter. Thank you!

  • jenny tah 4 years ago

    cool ! Want to try that out ! Where can I get in Korea ? 

  • KendraJelly 4 years ago

    Hey can you make a video for like make up for beginners like what are the
    essential stuff we need to have and all cuz I’m slightly confuse about all
    this cuz I’m knew to make up ! Thank you !! If you really make that video
    it will really help me a lot and I’m also preparing for my graduation at
    the end of the year thanks !

  • Diana Ho 4 years ago

    Wow, right when I am considering dying my hair! I’ve been scared too since
    I am asian with natural black/super duper dark brown hair and if I went a
    chestnut or ash brown, it would do nothing! Thanks so much Tay! Seriously
    going to consider this hair brand and your hair looks so healthy~

  • DandieGirl12 4 years ago

    What color is closest to milk Brown? In the US?

  • pulpkillers 4 years ago

    I like your vids and I think it’s cute sometimes the way you stumble upon
    your own words. But, would it hurt to have some kind of script prepared for
    your videos??? Love :) 

  • Devalokia 4 years ago

    I have like a yellowish skin tone so what should I use to brighten up my
    skin tone to make it look more clear and fresh ? 

  • Rose Kim 4 years ago

    My fave bubble hairdye is the Mocha Pink from Etude House. My friends
    thought it was my natural hair color lol

  • cloudabovemyhead 4 years ago

    at 1:38 “Those who have Asian…” LoL cute broken english^^

  • lilyxwonders 4 years ago

    Which box of the hair dye would create the matte brown look if I have black
    Asian hair? Thank you!

  • Becky Lee 4 years ago

    Why are you keep saying Although and But…..

  • MeowKeo 4 years ago

    Hmmm…I think I’m gonna buy this when I cut my hair over the shoulder xD a
    bit too expensive for my long hair now…