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Thanks for letting me know that the shoot is from Vanity Fair and the MUA was Charlotte Tilbury. x llamasqua Hydra veil-…




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  • Danibaby M 3 years ago

    Love the video. You should do a competition where the winner gets their
    makeup done by you :-) xx

  • Patricia Bracaioli 3 years ago


  • Hollie Mc Donnell 3 years ago

    With your hair like this, it’s made me realise you’d be an amazing model
    for Lara Croft O.o That would actually be a pretty cool tutorial! Anyway,
    awesome video as always! I’ve been looking for a good navy look, and I
    actually think this would look awesome messier :) 

  • Rocio Velasco 3 years ago

    Que bonitos ojos! Really nice makeup! thanks

  • Cherie Jackman 3 years ago

    I cannot wait to do this look on myself tomorrow, you are such a stunner x

  • mimma sgaramella 3 years ago
  • TheMn wheeler 3 years ago

    It looks totally amazing!

  • Carolina Heilig 3 years ago


  • Becky Kirby 3 years ago

    that eye shadow look is stunning.

  • Madiha Khan 3 years ago

    that picture is from her vanity fair issue! :) 

  • Nguyen Celine 3 years ago

    You look stunning !

  • Aline Gisele da Conceição 3 years ago

    Omg….You are so Beatiful, and I love this Makeup!!!

  • Dawn Seiwald 3 years ago

    Hello! I was wondering how I would achieve a flawless foundation look,
    because I have a lot of freckles. I find it difficult to match my skin tone
    because of my many freckles. I find myself not wearing foundation because
    it always looks like I have a foreign skin over my face when I place
    foundation on. Thank you so much ! Love y’all’s videos !!!! 

  • rozina shahbuddin 3 years ago

    I love this look!! Thanks so much for sharing!! 

  • Louise Taylor 3 years ago

    Gorg ❤️

  • Victoria Peters 3 years ago

    You look like Katy perry before you put your eyeshadow on!!!!!!

  • mellony Rawlins 3 years ago


  • Rebecca Kearns 3 years ago

    How crazy is it that *that’s* her natural lip colour! If I was Sam, I’d
    probably hardly ever wear lipstick!

  • Giulia 3 years ago

    Wow, thank you for this tutorial! It’s an amazing look!

  • Maya Holman-Davis 3 years ago

    Your the most beautiful woman ever omg without make up 

  • Nicole Mondeaux 3 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  • Gemma Booker 3 years ago

    You’re so stunning without makeup, but it’s amazing how different you can
    look with it on, you’re an amazing makeup artist. 

  • Almas Ahmed 3 years ago

    You forgot to show us what eyeshadows you used on your lower lashline.

  • Ashley Thomas 3 years ago

    The skip at 9:27 goes from no make-up under the eye to black shadow coming
    in thick from the outside corner… that’s a really important part of the
    look to skip over!

  • Leigh Murphy 3 years ago

    You are so funny! “My lid would fall off and collect all types of fluff” !
    : D

  • aubrjordan 3 years ago

    you are so talented! Looks amazing

  • Adelen Adelaide Steen 3 years ago

    Stunning and if i were you i would barely wear lipstick cos it already
    looks like your wearing lipstick

  • Sarah Palway 3 years ago

    Your eyes and this makeup look is to DIEEEE for!!! Xo

  • AtTimesCritical 3 years ago


  • snapbacksgirly 3 years ago


  • sawadikachannel 3 years ago

    C’est magnifique

  • Charlotte Gortney 3 years ago

    Try making a “Mixing medium” instead of water! Its alot better!! I use mine
    like the MAC fix plus :) ) and its alot cheaper!! Mix 3 parts distilled
    water with 1 part glycerin!!!

  • faiza khan 3 years ago


  • Hailey King 3 years ago

    im not a lash wearer most of the time, but when I do…when I really think
    hard about putting them on, something always goes wrong lol but when im
    more carefree about it and just messing around they stick perfectly ….my