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hope you enjoy!

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  • lalebarzani 4 years ago


  • Alice Emilfarb 4 years ago

    this is exactly the hair color I’ve been wanting to get. What toner color did you use? My natural hair is the same color as yours.

    Great videos…thanks!

  • Elekes MAlayna 4 years ago

    Tried this, it turned out so well! Perfect for people who want nice looking hair, but want to do it themselves! Thanks so much!

  • Dagmara JASZKA-SOLARES 4 years ago

    very simple and cute

  • ab96706 4 years ago

    thats really nice i love it ! the only dummies that dont like it is the ones who dont have a heart for the sixties they just dnt know what theyre missin ;-)

  • Elizabeth Moreno 4 years ago

    Very nice , thank you for taking your time and posting

  • oimki 4 years ago

    This is really weird looking

  • llamaman25 4 years ago

    You have nice looking arms!!

  • missnz00 4 years ago

    very nice, and very helpful :)

  • patty sorto 4 years ago

    Really like this

  • marta79uk 4 years ago

    I ‘ve been to so many bad hair stylists , I’d definitely trust YOU ,please do my hair! ;)

  • marta79uk 4 years ago

    wow babe,you look so much younger in the lighter hair!!

  • JazzCat2234 4 years ago

    This is an excellent tutorial!! I’m going to try this technique for the curly half-up, half-down do I want for my wedding.
    You explained and showed us what to do very well.
    And you’re very beautiful!

  • HappySlap03 4 years ago

    That is a really, really awesome hairstyle!!

  • AutumnMaidenDove 4 years ago

    Awesome hair style. Added it to my playlist and liked.

  • BlairBabyWaldorf 4 years ago

    i have a question though, you didn’t really keep a fringe, but would it work if i had one? this might seem like a dumb question, but oh well

  • BlairBabyWaldorf 4 years ago

    OMG that is such a pretty hairstylee, i think i’m gonna use it for a big party soon thankyou so much :)

  • 10Bigrack10 4 years ago

    wow!i love that.i have long hair so i braided the peices that were the pig tails it looked amazing when i was done.this is a really cool hair design

  • Lisa Long 4 years ago

    I love it! Absolutely beautiful and so simple and so unique! I would have never thought of this at all. Thank you so much!

  • msambersnoahs 4 years ago

    love it! so simple but yet beautiful for een everyday wearing :)

  • RuTuckTV 4 years ago

    woow i love it <3

  • HairBeauty4You 4 years ago

    good question! The secret ( when you are doing it yourself) is too use different developer strengths…This means you start off by mixing the lightener
    ( bleach) with a low peroxide ( let’s say 1.9%) do a few foils with that… then you mix up a new batch with 6% and again do a few foils with that, then a new batch with 9%…If you already have color in your hair I wouldn’t recommend to use anything past 6% though as it may damage your hair! This way they will be ready at once

  • GettingNailed 4 years ago

    Hi! Can you tell me if you highlighted your own hair? (besides the back, as you stated in your previous video). This lighter hair color gives you a much softer look than the darker hair. The reason I ask is that I too have darkest brown color hair and I want a lighter, softer look. If one leaves product on for 20 minutes, how does one get all the hair done in 20 min. I would think I’d get maybe half of my head done before I’d have to start taking it out. PLS. HELP ME. TY!!

  • kim cortis 4 years ago

    WOW this is an amazing hair-do !!! my hair is long and i actually attempted to do it with a little bit of help by my mum xD but i didn’t do the last part i just left the bottom part down !!!! and i really loved it thanks to you
    thanks a lot you are amazing !!!!!
    are you a hair dresser ? xD
    peace and love

  • lacey862004 4 years ago

    I love this! Do u have any more long hair updo’s for a night out with the girls like this one?

  • LittleBaByBrown 4 years ago

    Wow !! i will try to do :”)

  • opigirl07 4 years ago

    This is a very pretty style!

  • msanniebuan 4 years ago

    this is really nice! im planning to do this for prom

  • msanniebuan 4 years ago

    this is really nice! im planning to do this for prom

  • harleyblu 4 years ago

    I’m wearing this tomorrow:)

  • HairBeauty4You 4 years ago

    thank yo so much !

  • AVoiceintheWildernss 4 years ago

    My hair is so long that I can’t twist the bottom part cause it becomes a huge bun, but the half way part works great! I feel like a princess ;)

  • Rachel Kyes 4 years ago

    youre stunning!!

  • Carbonara Kara 4 years ago

    Cant wait to try this look!

  • themarymac 4 years ago

    Wow, I really like that style, and you explained how to do it so well! I am def gonna give it a try. Thanks for sharing, and I am really enjoying your videos :)