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  • Snow Lapila 4 years ago

    My hair is just like hers! I never put relaxer in it and I learned to love my hai

  • shanikawspa2015 4 years ago

    So I heard you say that you put Aloe Vera gel in your daughters hair, and I was wondering is a normal kind of Aloe Vera gel that you use for the skin also or what is it.. I THINK I MIGHT WANT TO TRY THAT. So please answer my question. Thank you. And by the way your daughter has beautiful long hair. It doesn’t need anything but natural products..

  • Destini Roilton 4 years ago

    Long hair don’t care

  • Elena Wilkins 4 years ago

    How do you keep your daughters hair long and manageable?

  • Willa Barnes 4 years ago

    This is a really good video

  • Darling Hea 4 years ago

    Your daughters hair is beautiful, well done mum…natural is alwsys best

  • Lisa Franklin 4 years ago

    Im glad I caught your wonderful video and beautiful daughter today. I have been considering doing some type of relaxer on my daughter’s hair( she is now 6) and very tender headed. We just watched this video together and she saw your daughter and she told me that she wanted to keep looking pretty just like your daughter…NATURALLY beautiful xoxoxo

  • Jlovesbeauty17 4 years ago

    omg ur DAUGHTER IS THE CUTEST LITTLE GIRL I HAVE EVER SEEN LOL thnks ive grown out of barettes and im uses hair elastics but good hair styles

  • Eboni James 4 years ago

    Love this video!!! I’ve been showing my kids how amazing their hair is for a while now. My son (3yrs) has autism, but he knows how to wet his hair and tries to comb it himself. My daughter (5yrs) watches me when I wash, detangle, deep condition, etc and always asks me when she’ll be able to do what mommy does. Do have any back-to-school style ideas? She starts Kindergarten this year and she’s so excited about getting a “big girl style. Anything with twist/braidout would be great :)

  • Vanessa Avalos 4 years ago

    Thank you for doing this video! One of my nieces has beautiful hair exactly like your daughters!! Her mother doesn’t do a good job at all maintaining it! I’m going to send the link to this video to my nieces step mom since she’s Mexican it will help out soo soo much! Thank you again!!! C;

  • Lovelylocs Pinder 4 years ago

    Okay this video just answered the question I had from one of your previous videos, As far as the regimen I clicked on the link and found the answer to my question thanks a million keep those vides coming you are doing a wonderful job with your daughters hair love it!!!

  • 007newnew 4 years ago

    Just seeing this message! LOL Dad secretly got you a perm! I secretly got my older daughter a perm (she’s in high school now). Somebody always sneaking off and getting the perm LOL.

  • 007newnew 4 years ago

    Just seeing this message! Hope you’re subscribed, we’ve got teen hairstyles on our channel, and more to come! Thanks for the message Love!

  • 007newnew 4 years ago

    IDK why I’m not seeing these messages in my inbox. You have to stand firm and say no. And even I’ve said “No cutting” on one occasion the hair dresser still used scissors (and did a bad job at that). I’ve had a Dominican salon hairdresser tell me that my daughter’s hair is too long, I need to let her cut it (meanwhile, her neice running around outside had long, flowy hair). Put your foot down mommy. I just don’t go to the hairdresser anymore b/c of this same problem. Thx 4 Msg <3

  • 007newnew 4 years ago

    Thanks for the Love Beautiful!

  • 007newnew 4 years ago

    Thanks for the Love Beautiful ;o)

  • mrsprimo999 4 years ago

    I’m writing this after hearing the FIRST minute of your video, I haven’t even seen the styles yet but your message is SO right, SO powerful and SO inspiring I already teared up! I’m a hair-obsessed, (white) woman with 2 beautiful “biracial” daughters that I try to inspire with the exact same message constantly! I hope your message gets through to any moms out there that are even thinking about relaxing their baby girls’ God-given locks. Thank you!

  • JOXGIRL1 4 years ago

    Greatest video. What a wonderful way to uplift your daughters beauty. My daughters hair is not as curly but I am always looking for natural ways to care for it like you do.

  • 98Chummy 4 years ago

    She looks EXACTLY like my cousin April! XD

  • mizzlivie123 4 years ago

    omgomg she is so pretty and her hair is AMAZING :D 

  • blkcarriebshaw 4 years ago

    what a great video , my daughter has the same curl and texture. i will purchase aloe vera gel today

  • 611Kimmie 4 years ago

    Such a cutie, I just loveeee this video, thanks for sharing <3

  • 123miemie 4 years ago

    ur daughter is too cute! and @007newnew I was actually in ur daughters position. my hair used 2 b tht long and then i guess my dad secretly got me a perm but didnt keep it up…guess where tht hair went:( but this gave me sum ideas:), im in highschool now so if u hav like hairstyles for older teens tht wuld help alot thnx

  • 007newnew 4 years ago

    My older daughter had natural hair down to her waist when she was 6. I took her to a Dominican salon and they told me to perm her hair and told me to cut it because it was too long. Mind you, their little nieces were running around outside with hair down to their butts. It upset me so much. Take this situation into your own hands. Evaluate if she truly needs 1 proper cut to clean the ends and then you find someone you trust. Next, you keep up with the trims yourself. HTH

  • deirdre shipman 4 years ago

    every beauty shop I go to wants to cut her hair…she has lost 4 inches in 2 years.

  • 007newnew 4 years ago

    Thanx bunny!

  • margo33 4 years ago

    Beautiful little girl with gorgeous curly hair!!!!!!

  • 007newnew 4 years ago

    Thanks Love!

  • AStaRLuV 4 years ago

    She is such a beautiful girl with such gorgeous looking hair

  • 007newnew 4 years ago

    Thanks Love! TWINS!!! Double Blessings ;o) And double the hair!! I have a difficult time recommending products b/c everyone’s hair responds differently to different products. The one thing that has been constant in assisting in moisturizing and some detangling the 3 of us is the kimmaytube moisture recipe (search on here if you haven’t seen that video yet). I like ALL NATURAL products on my daughters hair as a leave in. Giovanni works well.

  • Darlyon3 4 years ago

    This is a great video. I have twin girls with curly wild hair and the detangling process is… A process. I am trying to find the right conditioners and moisturizers for their hair. Can you suggest something suitable for toddlers?

  • raven721m 4 years ago

    Her hair is so pretty!

  • 007newnew 4 years ago

    I forgot the other question ;o) I use diluted baby shampoo. Also use anything natural. right now using taliah wajid shampoo for the kids (usually dilute too).

  • 007newnew 4 years ago

    I shampoo her hair 1Xweekly or the longest I go is 10days to 2 weeks. In between, I will co-wash. Her hair is typically in small to medium sized two strand twists, so it is never a problem to wet it, and I think her hair thrives on the fact that it gets wet every 4 days! So, limiting the drying factor (shampoo), to approx every 10 days, her hair still gets moisture (WATER). Her length is definitely retaining now. HTH! thanx Love

  • Lauren Smith 4 years ago

    I have a question….how often do you shampoo her hair and what shampoo do you use, if at all? Do you only cowash? Thanks so much for your help!

  • 007newnew 4 years ago

    So their “rite of passage” allows them to go through puberty at least!! In the US it would be a guess, but from what I’ve witnessed, these girls often get the relaxer done by 2nd grade (7 or 8 years old)!!! That’s ridiculous. I was a part of that foolishness. But I was ignorant. I just didn’t know any better. Now I know. Thanks for sharing Love!

  • RIYAHH21 4 years ago

    Sorry I was meant to write in England it is uncommon for children under 12 to get a relaxer they normally get their first relaxer when they begin high school.

  • RIYAHH21 4 years ago

    In eng

  • RIYAHH21 4 years ago

    It’s amazing how they learn to love their hair both my daughters age 7 and 11 have no intrest in relaxers at all they love their hair just the way it is. Your little girl’s hair is going to grow even longer, she has the same hair as my 7 year old and wow the older she got the more the hair became longer and fuller I am just learning to let her hair dry naturally because over the years I have been blow drying it and she had lost her coil patten a little so now I just leave the girl’s hair to dry

  • folliclephilem 4 years ago

    Gorgeous hair, and love, love, love the message you’re putting out there. One thing you mentioned that I’m curious about is the aloe vera gel. What brand are you using? I picked one up recently thinking it was pure but it had seed weed for thickening and a mold inhibitor listed in the ingredients.

    Take care,

  • regisnyder 4 years ago

    @007newnew, what is your take on girls’ hair texture changing from infant to possibly 5 yrs of age? I found my daughter’s haiir just seem “different” prior to her turn 5 and I heard the “difference” is her “true” texture starting to grow out. So, I cut the ends that were of her old texture b/c it’s growth just halt. But I will start spraying water on her hair instead of styling drying hair.

  • napturallycurly 4 years ago

    Wow! I am so impressed with all the different hairstyles! Gosh, she’s a cutey!!

  • ImNaturallyKinky 4 years ago

    Very nice!!!

  • 007newnew 4 years ago

    Thank You ;)

  • 007newnew 4 years ago

    Thank You! I tried to get my commentator voice on! LOL

  • 007newnew 4 years ago

    Girrl have at it! I found some of these styles on here too! Thanks Love

  • 007newnew 4 years ago

    LOL ;0) Thank You!

  • jeanelle27 4 years ago

    She is toooo cute! Go mommy for doing all of those great hairstyles!

  • Longhairstile 4 years ago

    Ooo I might have to still some of those protective styles for me and my daughter. I like them because they look simple and have a unique style thank you :) 

  • LongHairLashae 4 years ago

    I’m still transitioning..I don’t think I’ma ever cut it off. I’m 18months into my transition now. I have fun with my hair now..even though its hard sometimes.