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This is my foundation routine using my Make Up For Ever HD foundation with my Mac 130 Short Duo Fiber Brush. Products used: Clinique Dramatically Different M…

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  • töxic zömbiie 4 years ago

    I love your voice. & you’re so adorable & beautiful :)

  • tswhale 4 years ago

    do you recommend 130 or 188 for liquid foundation ?

  • Selen Gürsesli Zorlutuna 4 years ago

    I really did not notice anything different before and after your make up…
    ı think you don t need to use foundation.. cause u have very young skin..

  • 143skwk 4 years ago

    If you use a stippling brush correctly then you aren’t supposed to buff if out with your brush after you get done stippling it on your face. You aren’t supposed to”swirl’ it all. You’re just supposed to stipple it on your face. Hence being called a stippling brush…

  • spontaneityis 4 years ago

    Pale people are gorgeous. I would know, I am pale.

  • Blacktearz22 4 years ago

    how well do you like the finishing powder? I have the foundation but is the powder a must? I also have the bare minerals original mineral veil.

  • gooshie589 4 years ago

    what was the point in that? you want her to grow a new one?…

  • gooshie589 4 years ago

    she is very pretty and doesn’t need to fix anything about here. not everyone needs to go fix everything that doesn’t look “perfect”

  • Peyton Olivarria 4 years ago

    that is exactly what I do before seeing this! Makes me feel profesional(:

  • Brainfog401 4 years ago

    Scream…I was just watching a review from someone else…I miss your teaching skills, tips, honesty and YOU. Hope you are doing well~~ you are more important than any YouTube video. Take care and if you come back, awesome, if not, thank you for all of you hard work and research.

  • jessica a.v 4 years ago

    hi beauty ok my question is how percent do you recommend this foundation for very oily shine skin? because every time i went to sephora they always ended telling me that this foundation is not for my oily skin and i hate it because i wanted try it so bad please help…

  • Maribel gonzalez 4 years ago

    Damn that brush is expensive for me, $42!? :O lol

  • JasminAlina94 4 years ago

    It’s not too light for her :P

  • Guucci 4 years ago

    Im looking for a good stipplebrush, do you have to swirl with this one or do does it work with only stippleing?

  • jam3026 4 years ago

    107 is the lightest just thought i’de mention that.

  • mami mori 4 years ago

    would you prefer this brush or the 188?

  • gogoutube 4 years ago

    her eyebrows are fine. I like her nose. And the color is perfect for her. Covers a bit of redness… she’s porcelain pale, can’t imagine her using a darker color.

  • BajsbollarFtw 4 years ago

    imagine her with dark brown or black hair. you’d look much paler, wow lol

  • toloveamato 4 years ago

    I have the foundation and concealer that you have so it’s nice to see a tutorial on how to apply them!

  • Neizvectnie Nindzya 4 years ago

    nice tutorial :)
    i think i’m going to buy that foundation tomorrow

  • princesskimbie 4 years ago

    You pause a little when speaking

  • MyMacManiac 4 years ago

    honestly u need to fix ur brows

  • iwantjumbohotdog 4 years ago

    i dont like ur nose

  • hopeypooandscottie 4 years ago

    youu shpuld try the big powder brush for foundation and do a first impersion of it ! i think it would go on great !

  • cocodollydear9 4 years ago

    i use tht foundation and i have fairly pale skin, yeah its amazing :)

  • lexandlise 4 years ago

    your voice reminds me of that girl in the movie american pie who alwas said “this one time at band camp” hhaha

  • Brittney Wilkerson 4 years ago

    Is the foundation your using good for people who have very light skin ? :)
    please answer :)

  • Rachycakes59 4 years ago

    i might get this brush for Christmas but i don’t know if i can ask the mac people if they can test foundation with that brush can they do that?

  • Juicygirl961 4 years ago

    the 242 and 252 are natural bristles..

  • RachelEMcKinney 4 years ago

    I’m new to high-end makeup and often feel like I don’t know what I’m doing – but I must be on the right track because the MUFE HD was my first liquid foundation and the MAC 130 was my first Mac brush :) Love the vid!

  • pinkabuki 4 years ago

    wow people are so rude you youtube. be thankful that she came on here and showed you how she puts on her makeup..that is brave. :)

  • JULEPPS 4 years ago

    LOL that color is 2 shades lighter than your skin. :/

  • Charlie Webster 4 years ago

    I like using this brush with liquid foundation as well, working section by section like you did. However, I put my concealer and cream blush on before my foundation, so I JUST stipple. Sure this takes longer, but do you think it’s still an effective method, or do you think buffing it after stippling is an important part of the application? Thanks!

  • diara13 4 years ago

    damn your white

  • MadMadamJess 4 years ago

    lmaooo! pwned!


  • MadMadamJess 4 years ago

     holy shit, shut the fuck up.


  • MadMadamJess 4 years ago

    I’m getting this brush soon!! YAY! I can’t wait to use it with my Maybelline Smooth Mousse cream to powder foundation… You’re so purdy!

    - Jess

  • ana steezia 4 years ago

    I heard that the amazing concealer is very concentrated, and I’ve also heard good things about it. Thank you for the video~ You’re very informative.

  • Sandy Fernandez 4 years ago

    Oh yea she should definately damage her skin and risk getting cancer just so she can look tanned for you.

  • Sandy Fernandez 4 years ago

    oh yea I mean she should definately damage her skin and risk getting cancer just so she can look tanned for you.

  • Rachel Royer 4 years ago

    I can’t wait to get the 130 brush! Thanks for the tutorial. You do look like Anne Hathaway. With the blonde hair you look like her as the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland! Very beautiful.

  • desireelu 4 years ago

    The color is fine I dont know what everyone is saying it doesnt match. You look good as a blonde you should lighten your brows a bit as well :) Also you should look into reshaping your brows. Im not trying to put you down cuz Ive seen your other vids and you are gorgeous. Trust me brows can make or brake your face. I use to have rainbow arched brows and someone suggested I grown them out and have a professional reshape them and Im SOOO glad I did. It made my look so much prettier. Good Luck! <3