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Detailed review on Make Up For Ever’s HD Foundation. Please subscribe if you like this video! Check out my twitter, facebook and beauty blog :) Stay glamorou…

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  • Gislaine Princesa 4 years ago

    Ameiiii !!! Te convido a dar uma passadinha no meu canal!!!!! beijossss♥♥♥

  • tshore21 4 years ago

    Please what is the colour of ur hair?? I want to ask my hair stylist for it thnks ;)

  • engem121 4 years ago

    @ulvtcga yep i agree. i am very lucky to get to know about this site. but i can tell you one thing, really lucky that i registered and got my dream fresh products from maybelline for nothing :) . if you wanna try just try now >

  • arwin22t 4 years ago

    beautifull hair colour, what colour is that ? how many tones u blend it ?

  • Brenda lee P 4 years ago

    why don’t you make anymore videos??

  • Emily Tesic 4 years ago

    OMG your soo gorgeous!! one of the most gorgeous girls i’ve ever seen!! <3

  • skelalaleks 4 years ago

    Thats really easy to do..just grab a 2-3 inch curling iron. lol..

  • tinky0017 4 years ago

    we’re the same shade =] lol

  • ptdwnhro 4 years ago

    no shade reference?

  • LiveLaVida5 4 years ago


  • LiveLaVida5 4 years ago

    MAKE UP FOR EVER Review: HD , Primer and Mist & Fix !!:)

  • dan lind 4 years ago


  • Rayitaita 4 years ago

    Hi, I need to know what’s the HD fundation number equivalent of dior skin forever 020. I used Dior, but I wanna buy HD fundation of makeup forever, but I’m from Chile and doesn’t sell makeup forever, so I’ll buy it from makeup forever online, but I don’t know what’s my fundation number in makeup forever HD. Please help me!!

  • marimulttal 4 years ago

    Hair tutorial!!!!!

  • missesdaniela 4 years ago

    Girl, you have to clean your foundation brush DAILY. Bacteria grows very easily on foundation brushes.

  • Mzkrispy Creme 4 years ago

    Mamas your beautiful you kno it haha gurl we got it like that dismiss haters! haha

  • PaygePanikk 4 years ago

    im sorry who is this?

  • PaygePanikk 4 years ago

    you keep running in circles your out of insults. :) im perfect because im the only me. you can say good no one wants to be you or ugly or whatever. but it doesnt matter :) im beautiful. i can b nice too im sorry you brought out my mean side. but i refuse to sit here n b attacted for my opinion on blush. oh and my spelling? its from being a speed reader 200 words a min. thats actually the correct way to read. sorry if it bothers u then leave me alone.

  • PaygePanikk 4 years ago

    jelously is ugly on anyone i sudjest you dont wear it.

  • PaygePanikk 4 years ago

    wet n wild also has a great gel liner that stays on all day for 4 dollars :P love it it also lasts 6 mnths

  • Lily Alonso 4 years ago

    high end make-up is always better bcuz it doesnt have harsh ingredients + its better for your face. Good quality is better than cheap quality if your going for a better coverage.

  • callherjayy 4 years ago

    how well did it stay on all day?

  • bluesky343d 4 years ago

    Took too long to get to the review

  • m3li928 4 years ago

    i hate this foundation :(  it leaves u looking orange just like MAC :/

  • shamil222 4 years ago

    It’s full coverage.

  • ZoilaSolis 4 years ago

    Your hair is the!!!!

  • Helga Lions 4 years ago

    you are beautiful

  • krystle couso 4 years ago

    Can you do a hair tutorial on this look or tell me what u curled ur hair with,, looks Hott! Xo

  • jesyka488 4 years ago

    Hi! For those of you asking what hair color I have, to be honest with you I’m not even sure. My stylist usually just adds what she likes haha! It is a blonde with highlights, I showed her a picture of Lauren Conrad and she just went with that, hope this helps! <3 you’s!

  • FryerGal 4 years ago

    you have gorgeous hair! omg i’m so jealous!

  • reallyluckygirl1 4 years ago

    I have this in 120 & I love it. I went to sephora & was color matched & they applied it with the duo fiber as well b/c I told her that I wanted a natural face w/even skintone. She recommended this brush. I have it in sigma & mac. Sigma was the better of the two. I really love it. I also love the Smashbox HD Healthy FX foundation as well. I thought it covered the same as well.

  • Saskia Tobiasen 4 years ago

    You’re crazy pretty!

  • mamasgirl597 4 years ago

    how come im super white and i use shade 135??

  • Livers11Damonlover 4 years ago

    I’ve heard this foundation gives really oily skin? Is that true? I would hate to spend $40 on something that would make my face greezy…:/

  • Allie Butler 4 years ago

    Hair tutorial!!

  • AlesBeauty 4 years ago

    The foundation that I am currently using (forgot what it’s called) makes my face feel like I have cake on my face & it makes my face oily… I’m going to try this foundation. Thank you for the info. Btw: I’m starting a new channel. I barely have one video up but I’m gong to post more if you can subscribe. Well if you’re interested :) thank you

  • MaddieDeslatte 4 years ago

    the same thing happened to me, then i moisturized and primed and i worked AMAZING!!

  • breakfastatsabrinas 4 years ago

    Please do a hair tutorial! I love the curls!

  • Melissa Goulding 4 years ago

    You are so pretty :O

  • velisa88 4 years ago


  • marionetemanJ 4 years ago

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  • Grettaloxx 4 years ago

    i love your hair!!

  • trisha60 4 years ago

    ur hair is stunning and so are you…..please chek out my channe, im new to this youtube thing and id love to know what you think?

  • orientale62 4 years ago

    hii, what your hair color please??? i really like ;)

  • ilyanf45 4 years ago

    It is very good for dry skin because it moisturizes

  • TheMakeUpArt 4 years ago

    Do you recommend this foundation for dry skin?

  • Bianca bxox 4 years ago

    Where did you get this foundation from? cuz i can’t find this anywhere.

  • ShesChic 4 years ago

    I agree, bare minerals was a big mess for me.  It also made me feel like I dipped my face in a bowl of chalk. Thanks for the review.

  • idontknowwhyiwrote8 4 years ago

    Do you still use it?

  • eyah22 4 years ago

    i like your hair color…coulld you tell me what color is that?thank you :)