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Happy Friday! hope you enjoy my video and here’s a brief summary of what’s about. OK so this product is AMAZING. I would like to thank whichever Make-Up Guru…

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  • Bibimbapski 4 years ago

    I just bought this (6 tubes) of them lol xD I love it sooo much. Works well with my revlon colorstay makeup. I loooove your accent, you remind me of Rosie Perez :)

  • mantelkite08 4 years ago

    Too much with this can break me out.. And i apply it on top of my foundation

  • xxxAmaFosuwaaxxx 4 years ago

    does it break you out?

  • mikeandbob1 4 years ago

    Its Ahhh-mazin guiz lol omg i kinda freaked out when u turned ur head wthell is thAt black thing on ur face :0

  • Susie Q 4 years ago

    Yeah, I heard about it four years ago. It replaced that darn overpriced Smash Box. The ingredients are the same. If the name is a big deal to someone, don’t use it.

  • lidia contreras 4 years ago

    hi i used it today and yes it doese!!!
    i bet you will love it!

  • lhe6416363 4 years ago

    Where is the coupon?????

  • Lizardfigueroa 4 years ago

    Plse email me coupon couldn’t find ur link u mentioned would luv to try this thanks!

  • s xiong 4 years ago

    does it minimize pores?

  • WIckedJilly 4 years ago

    Can you use eye primer with cream shadow?

  • lacachetona323 4 years ago

    i do use a moisturizer before, but i pretty much use a moisturizer before any primer or make up on my face =)

  • noir21072 4 years ago

    Can you still use facial moisturizer if you use the monistat primer?

  • Lorette Young 4 years ago


  • trudi eskrett 4 years ago

    i got two tube of this 2 weeks ago, i have lovely skin, but it as brought me out in lots of blister spots, its good stuff but i never get spots, ive stoped using it now and the spots are gone, so not good for every one, also it makes me itch

  • dexteryana 4 years ago

    lol. i thought she’s gonna say “Amazing” for the 3rd time at 00:49

  • ajboet 4 years ago

    You are so Pretty, Smart, and Cool.  : ) I have a question… Is it okay if I just put – Monistat 3 – on my face instead???? I had a really bad yeast infection so I bought 2 boxes of the Monistat 3 but I actually only needed just 1 box. I was out of comission for a while and now I can’t return it to the store, So now I want to add it to my Beauty Routine. Hopefully I don’t keep getting more yeast infections, cause it’s so Embarrassing and itchy. I just want to be pretty.

  • lacachetona323 4 years ago

    i love it i got it yesterday! it works wonders my bf thinks im nuts lol =)

  • nicolemarcelle16 4 years ago

    wheres the link for the coupon?

  • mystikalmuse 4 years ago

    email me a coupon:…..thanks :) I don’t see the link you speak of! I definitely want to try this product

  • eetalex 4 years ago

    on her blog

  • tswizzlefan131313 4 years ago

    wheres the link for the coupon?

  • unforgetablechick10 4 years ago

    Yeah this product is really good…..btw I love your accent!

  • LoveBeautyLyfe 4 years ago

    Im going to try it :]