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Showing how you don’t need an expensive eye primer for your eyeshadow, you can go for the much cheaper option of using lipstick that works just as well. Make…


Primer Makeup


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  • geligurl 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for this video. I’ve been trying to get Urban Decay primer potion which costs $18 or something but i’m gonna use lipstick now.

  • KaylaCarrion1 4 years ago

    i use to do that

  • fitterwife 4 years ago

    I wonder if you would be able to use the green lipstic “concealer lipstic”?

  • fitterwife 4 years ago

    I wonder if you would be able to use the green lipstic “concealer lipstic”?

  • InimeKai 4 years ago

    no haha

  • InimeKai 4 years ago

    too oily

  • InimeKai 4 years ago

    This works : ) I use too faced shadow to prevent creasing and then lipstick to make the colors stick and stay bright, so I don’t know if lipstick prevents creasing, but it sure as hell makes my eyeshadow look nicer.

  • LoveJenniferYang 4 years ago

    does it crease during the day and how long is the staying power?

  • myrna951 4 years ago

    Your so young and so smart. Thank you. I’ve been going nots trying to find a good eyelid primer, but cheap. This will work. Thanks again. I’ll make sure to watch all your videos since I am new to youtube. Bye!!

  • Doozersb82 4 years ago

    what about a white or beige lipstick? ive tried this it works well but the shade is messing with the shadow

  • babiegiRlxooxo 4 years ago

    which did you buy?

  • Mrpikesgirl 4 years ago

    I like this vid, it was very helpful because I was gonna go out and buy an eye primer and thats whatsup lipstick.

  • CillaLovesMakeup 4 years ago

    You just have to be careful with this. Some ingredients in lip products are not eye safe and visa versa. Make sure you read labels and check for this. Cute tip though =)

  • xItsLisax 4 years ago

    i use lipstick now :) and its kinda stops the eyeliner creasin :)

  • gabbyjenkins19 4 years ago

    great video. You can get wonderful makeup from L’Oreal to test before you buy. I got the latest maybelline mascara from “gratismakeupsamples”.

  • 123amyleigh 4 years ago

    Good Video, !! =] i usee homemadee eye primerr and i think eye primerr workss just as good but thankss.

  • xXMireyaaxX 4 years ago

    I use lipstick! :) haha

  • amykay996 4 years ago

    does the lipstick help your shadow last and not crease also? or just make it brighter?

  • capelaf21 4 years ago

    great video. You can get incredible makeup from MAC to test before you buy. I got the latest maybelline mascara from “gratismakeupsamples”.

  • beautyqueen2k9 4 years ago

    i get free sample makeup from “gratismakeupsamples” – You can get great makeup from Sally Hansen, without spending a penny :) Check them out.

  • grizzyg13 4 years ago

    thanks =] and the color doesn’t really matter, since you’ll cover it up with eyeshadow, but different colors can make the eyeshadow darker. Light pink or peach colors work best if you don’t want the color of the eyeshadow to change. You could also just test it first on your hand and see which one you like best

  • ladyworpledinker 4 years ago

    I’m sorry I accidentally rated this 1 star, I clicked it by accident when trying to play it after pausing!

  • mstiffysmith 4 years ago

    i paid 18 bucks for eyeshadow primer and it doesnt even last long .

  • grizzyg13 4 years ago

    thanks! =D

  • melocotonaa 4 years ago

    omg!you’re awesome for this.

  • Maddie Katz 4 years ago

    I like using really sticky lipgloss instead of a eyeshadow primer. Since I have oily skin and lids, I find that stickiness helps a lot. So far, I’ve had no problems with it :)

    Plus, drugstore brand eye primers like L’Oreal DeCrease are near impossible to find in Canada :(

  • xonthis 4 years ago

    this doesn’t really work after two hours..

  • lollipop5753 4 years ago

    great tip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shoronika 4 years ago

    i hav a concealor stick but its very oily.. can i use it as a primer?

  • saucymauve 4 years ago

    You could also use a concealer stitck as well,thats what I use and its perfect!!Lasts for hours!

  • ykcowrebbaj2006 4 years ago

    nooooooooo vaseline will crease like CRAZY, lipstick would probably be better because it’s less oily………. but I’m sure you can find primers in australia, erm is this something called paula dorf there? I heard my friend metion is once. but yea vaseline will make the colour pop but it wil creeeeeeaaaasssssssseeeee, so ppl may use it for tutorials but not for everyday wear! =D

  • Thugluvgrl187 4 years ago

    Very awesome!!!

  • jaysjohnny 4 years ago

    for me i personally go for lip balms. Not only it does work, it’s transparent, so there’s no colour on ur lids. but it depends on some people tho. some like the highlighting effects of primer and such so yeap. :)

  • DomitaJoDoll06 4 years ago

    prevent it from creasing aswell

  • grizzyg13 4 years ago

    primer is something you put on your eyelids that helps color stick (helps it last longer) and helps the color come out more

  • Ramonalarockera 4 years ago

    what is primer?

  • michtenn16 4 years ago

    i just use too..

  • freestylechica13 4 years ago

    great tip!! but how long does it take to crease?

  • monisyd 4 years ago

    OMG!! this is amazing. I live in Sydney and having trouble to get UDPP/Twoface insurance. I’ve been searching for substituition of eye primer. Have u heard of using Vasaline as a primer?

  • lupemende 4 years ago

    great tip! just saved my money..

  • Tricia Dano 4 years ago

    for some it does. some do a plain cover of foundation over the lids. but it’s better if you mix foundation or concealer with some face moisturizer. hope that helps :)

  • hakissej 4 years ago

    does foundation work as a primer for the eyes ?

  • Leesa Too 4 years ago

    OMG this is the best tip ever. Mom of 2 here and I don’t have the money to put out either but I could not get my shadows to pop until I tried this I think I love you girl your the best.

  • kitkatchocoagain 4 years ago

    great tip :)  thanks

  • HIMAY10NENCE 4 years ago

    Thanks I LOVE IT!

  • danigirl562 4 years ago

    good tip! you just saved me a bunch of money

  • msmooniepie 4 years ago

    wow…good tip!!

  • grizzyg13 4 years ago

    good question, I’ve never tried, but I think lip gloss might not work as well because it’s a little more liquid that lipstick and it’s not really as creamy, I say you go try it out though =]

  • sithwinch 4 years ago

    thx that was fast. ‘preciate it. peace.

  • grizzyg13 4 years ago

    to be honest, Ihave no idea what brand it was, it was given to me a while ago, but it came in one of those make up gift sets that don’t have a name, but it’s a cream lipstick, it looks pink but it doesn’t really have any color when you put it on, just a little gloss