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To put on eye makeup, start with neutral eye shadow, start from corner, sweep over eyelid, close eye to highlight underneath eyebrow and smudge through. Put …

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  • eve123w8 4 years ago

    Your model has too much Botox

  • Alpha Male 4 years ago

    Pretty Cool!

  • ibtheartist 4 years ago

    sorry guys this video isnt the best. I am irma. with only two minutes to do makeup on someone this is so plain and not enough time to explain really how to do your make up.

  • azzora09 4 years ago

    why didnt she show the result…?

  • Stephhtv 4 years ago


  • DeeVarg 4 years ago

    thers a makeup tutorial for glasses by MichellePhan …. look it up! =]

  • lipgloss675411 4 years ago

    get like a barbie doll thing (i know there a bit babyish) and just practice and stuff the experts ideas and think of your own.

  • lipgloss675411 4 years ago

    no! i love make – up! it hides my spots and red paches (dont worry i havnt got the plague). i wont to be told at least ONCE that i look pretty! and not fom my mom!

  • lipgloss675411 4 years ago

    omg im love make – up i HAVE to be a make up artist when im older! not only does it make you be famous and beutiful, but you get to talk to celebrties if your doing like, a show or something.

  • WeeklyPranks1 4 years ago

    your right!

  • SherriLovesCereal 4 years ago

    I didn’t find picatsoforfma’s comment sexist at all. Because if the dad DID know how to put on eye makeup, she wouldn’t have to be worrying about teaching the girl. Boo oversensitive comments.

  • mygembul 4 years ago

    The text blocks the view, so it’s hard to watch it clearly.

  • methylsoy 4 years ago

    “Only” with their Dad – as though a man would/could never know how to put on makeup. Boo sexism.

  • classybecca 4 years ago


  • picatsoforfma 4 years ago

    Thanks, my boy friend’s little sister wanted to learn how to put on eye makeup and they live with only their dad, I’m really bad at it because I rarely wear makeup and when I do I need someone else to apply it. This really helped the both of us.

  • twixxbars 4 years ago

    that’s so natural. thanks

  • Michelle Beaty 4 years ago

    h0ow do you put on eye liner on top of your eye w/o someones HELP??/

  • Destiny Snyder 4 years ago