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  • Janae French 3 years ago

    Great vid I’m finding myself more interested in makeup at 22! I wear brows,
    eye shadow, and concealer occasionally but never foundation, bronzer, etc.
    I worked really hard to get my skin to the point that I didn’t ever need
    foundation but it just seems like so much fun to wear & put on. Plenty of
    people wear makeup for fun & to experiment. Nothing wrong with that!
    Everyone isn’t “self hating”. 

  • Vanessa Baltazar 3 years ago

    Hi. I have really sensitive eyes. and it just waters when I try to wear
    makeup. Do you have any advice on any products or brands I can try? 

  • Georgia Enos 3 years ago

    I am ten and I wear a little make up and not a lot that it stands out like
    a little touch up to my face is that okay

  • Maddie Kay 3 years ago

    I just want to say the comment about middle schoolers wearing makeup I just
    completely disagree I don’t feel it was right of you to say tht and
    defiantly don’t appreciate it I would recommend not say those kinds of
    opinions on youtube because like me many of people can get offended.

  • The fashion killah 3 years ago

    Im a junior in highschool and im 16 so my mom said i can wear it now, not a

  • Monee' Miles 3 years ago

    I love Iman & its at Walgreens & Target

  • Cameron Vaughn 3 years ago

    I am completely new to makeup and this video helped me with what products
    to start off with , do you have a video on how to apply things like

  • Fox Love 3 years ago

    society isn’t pressuring “young girls” into wearing make-up. Maybe, young
    girls have terrible skin and when they wear foundation they feel more
    secure. It’s not a big deal, “society” this “society” that. Ugh, come on. 

  • LoveTrust Loyalty 3 years ago

    black radiance has great affordable lipstick as well for about $2

  • caramelcoffee 3 years ago

    oh my god your eyebrows are great

  • aaron pearson 3 years ago

    This might seem weird to some, but I am a boy, and ever since I was little
    i have had a huge interest in makeup, but I’ve kinda ignored that side of
    myself until recently. Long story short, I’m going to go shopping with my
    sister soon for makeup and she’s going to help me pick stuff out and this
    video was really helpful because I’m new to the makeup world, lol. Haha I
    don’t know if you ever thought a guy would find this helpful but I did, so
    thank you for making this!!! :) 

  • Patrice Austin 3 years ago

    I even had a Ex friend that wanted me to do her makeup but she just wanted
    to use girl. I tried to advise her she has to do her research and look up
    the right type of makeup and she got horribly mad cause I told the truth.
    People don’t realize makeup is hard to do and to find the right colors.
    It’s a blessing to be a woman and to get out the girly childish phases.

  • Jocelyn Gonzalez 3 years ago

    I’m 13 and I only wear a bb cream foundation but I have heard that bb
    creams are for beginners and I also wear concealer because I have major
    dark circles, if I’m going to a party I would add mascara or lipstick.

  • jazemeir terry 3 years ago

    OMG this was so helpful I’m want to start wearing makeup an I couldn’t find
    the right beginners makeup video thank you
    Ps your really pretty ❤️❤️ 

  • Bree Marie 3 years ago

    I tried @VickyLew on Instagram…. Can’t find you!

  • Erica Joy 3 years ago

    This video was awesome! Thank you so much!!!

  • LexiC Isaiah49 3 years ago

    I have great skin but I have noticeable (not gross but tired looking)
    undereye circles. Should I just wear a concealer and a powder or what? I’m
    NC44 MAC or Rich Ginger in Colorstay, please help!

  • Patrice Austin 3 years ago

    I feel you and this is my first time learning of this video and they bash
    people for wearing makeup. They act kooky and crazy and over jealous. My
    fiance introduced me by the way and I have been happily wearing it ever
    since. It’s not a need for it but it just helps a little. He likes my
    natural beauty due to my Spanish nationality. Let’s just say it helps a
    little cause people are ignorant and super racist and they will actually
    stare at the beauty marks that God gave you, so I got tired of the envy so
    I just covered it up a little bit. Guess what I received more flack for
    wearing makeup period. How funny. I just learned to be happy with myself.
    But, I only watched to hear your comments and what a lovely way you put it.
    I can’t believe people would criticize anyone for being a woman. You do
    have to be yourself but on the other hand when you are enjoying your life
    get out. Liked the tutorial. 

  • adomah b 3 years ago

    Can you do a makeup collection video please?

  • Francis Bello 3 years ago

    Omg Finally an easy to understand video about make up for beginners. Thank
    you so much, even though I’m 30 years old I’m such a newbie to make up, I
    don’t know nothing about make up but I’m trying to learn cause I love it. I
    just found your channel and this is the very first video I saw of yours, I
    think I will spend the afternoon in your channel lol. Thanks for explaining
    so well, now I feel like I can really start buying things and succeed! :) 

  • Hershelle Bailey 3 years ago

    I totally understand the concept of this video even though it’s old lol.
    But i would have to say i would have to disagree on the comment you said
    that you should not use foundation if you don’t have acne etc. because i’m
    new to makeup and i have no acne or discoloration what so ever or oily skin
    but i still use foundation because i like the glow it gives me. 

  • Be-You-Tiful 3 years ago

    Sorry that sounded rude, but I just think that was rude of you

  • Ashley Berry 3 years ago

    Im 17 and im still not allowed to wear makeup -.- But i definately agree,
    15 is a good age to start and middle schoolers should not be allowed to
    wear makeup but thats just my opinion (:

  • Riham Al-Zadjali 3 years ago

    Am from the middle east and i couldn’t help not commenting on this video
    and subscribing ur blog I loveee youuu thank you soo much

  • Maddi Mae 3 years ago

    Hi everyone! Please check out my everyday makeup tutorial for beginners, it
    would really make my day and it means so much to me :) thanks guys Xx 

  • gianna clark 3 years ago

    make up collection?

  • beautybabe101 3 years ago

    I agree that if your in middle school you don’t need foundation. But I
    don’t think concealer and powder is to much for middle school I’m in 8th
    grade and for base all I wear is concealer and powder.

  • CC TH 3 years ago

    Took a while to get to the point but great tips. Thanks!

  • Jaleeza Johnson 3 years ago

    Message to all foundation wearing middle schoolers : CALM YO TITS :’) … I
    love it.

  • Be-You-Tiful 3 years ago

    Middle schoolers wearing make-up is NOT bad at all, cuz we get acne, and we
    need to cover up gosh

  • madison lynn 3 years ago

    I’m young, I only wear makeup for fun but never to school,

  • Asia Pryor 3 years ago

    Your Perfect !

  • Chasity Price 3 years ago

    You’re so pretty! Loved you make up in this video and loved the video. It’s
    simple, to the point and very informative at the same time. So happy I came
    across it!

  • Zora Merritt 3 years ago

    i love your lipstick!

  • Codou Diagne 3 years ago

    I wear eos A little lipgloss(only if I’m going out) and mascara starting in
    7th grade is that good and I’m 13

  • Paulina Valdez 3 years ago

    I’m 13 and my parents don’t even allow me to wear makeup!!

  • La Torshia James 3 years ago

    Hi n thxs that was simple n informative 

  • Khalilah Ball 3 years ago

    I LOVEEEE the quote that you used “Makeup is an accessory not a
    necessity”!! So true, I haven’t wore a whole lot makeup this week, but it’s
    amazing how you feel when you take the time to apply a little bit. For me,
    some lipstick, mascara, a hint of blush and I’m out the door.