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Hi girls! This was a highly requested video for those of you just starting out in makeup and i thought it was a GREAT idea so i had to do it! I really hope y…

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  • Chloe Horrocks 4 years ago

    U look like Clara from doctor whol

  • Russhh89 4 years ago

    Hi Tess can you please do an updated ‘Makeup for Beginners’? :D

  • Lindy Mae 4 years ago

    seriously its youtube not a spelling bee calm your shit

  • LiveLaughLove10102 4 years ago

    Can you do a tutorial for beginners by using drugstore products!

  • 00lizady00 4 years ago

    Thank you soooo much! You are a life saver and love ya girl! You deserve a “Awesomest Person” award!!!

  • Twogorgeouschicks lozza-ezza 4 years ago

    Why do people have to cover the mirrors?

  • Rosalind Loudon 4 years ago

    I remember when I couldn’t do makeup that was a long timeago

  • Aleesha Archer 4 years ago

    if your parents don’t want to buy you makeup do you have to pay for the samples makeup to be shipped

  • Ashley lanagan 4 years ago

    i wish you would do one with cheap make up no the mac stuff and all that

  • Ashley Lemos 4 years ago

    youre so pretty!(:

  • shyoatic 4 years ago

    thumb me up for correcting your *offense :D

  • Kate Hale 4 years ago

    Anyone scared to put eyeliner on?

  • Monica vega 4 years ago

    What color eyeliner do you wear in this video? Brown or Black?

  • ginaquito1971 4 years ago

    Whats ur fav tv show?

  • ThEiMperSONaterZZ 4 years ago

    Actually you open your mouth so you don’t blink.

  • NELLBELL1991 4 years ago

    cant wait to use these tips!

  • nirmalmp99 4 years ago

    i love your top…u look really nice :)

  • pandybearxxooxxoo 4 years ago

    You remind me of jessica alba..

  • Sanne Langezaal 4 years ago

    even without make-up she is beautiful and really thank you for the tips i really use them

  • SDpuddingcup 4 years ago

    For some reason you remind me of Emma Watson.. Anyways I must say that you are absolutely gorgeous and very sweet! I’m so very glad I stumbled upon this video.(: I’m definitely subscribing to you, doll.

  • sarahknight31 4 years ago

    Is your name plan tess or tessa

  • ande garcia 4 years ago

    shes so adorable c: -no homo-

  • XxDoubleRainbowzxX 4 years ago

    dang thats A LOT of makeup for a beginner

  • Ariana Grande 4 years ago

    Like, really guys, stop correcting her. She’s sweet and just wants to help the confused/unaware people. Just be glad, and if you’re gonna be mean, dont comment. #NoOffence

  • Ariana Grande 4 years ago

    I know were you can put some…

  • trinimancia 4 years ago

    You’re not supposed to put blush on your apple of your cheeks sorry hun

  • Vanessa Santos 4 years ago

    Why don’t you try one of those BB creams that blend with all complexions (i.e. Boscia BB cream) or try those foundations that hardly show–like makeup forever, and don’t forget your powder!!. I used to be like you until I learned the tricks LOL

  • Emilee Savannah 4 years ago

    Makeup for beginners huh? I dont even wear that much makeup and im almost 17

  • Mie Bundgaard 4 years ago

    The reason why we open our mouths when we apply mascara or other products on our eyes and brows i because it relaxes the whole face.

  • Esther Mitchell 4 years ago

    Where do you get your heat protectant from?

  • Sarah Danella 4 years ago

    I am starting posting videos about makeup. Hope you will enjoy

  • tractor1272 4 years ago

    @JoJoTheBrat It’s you’re not your. Lol. OMG TESS YOU ARE SSSSSSSOOOOOOO PRETTY!!!

  • shaneluver321 4 years ago

    hi Tess im 15 and i have used about four different foundations and it feels like its impossible to find my shade do you have any advice on a shade thats good for a light -medium shade because all the ones that i have tried i put on and they look orange when im done putting it on they look light in the bottle but they look completely different put on

  • julietteg394 4 years ago

    you need to moisturize your skin first, then put on the mousse with clean fingers

  • Kristen Lipawsky 4 years ago

    The reason your mouth is always open it is to relax your face muscles which makes it easy to put make up on

  • JMF Craig 4 years ago

    You look GREAT without make up

  • JMF Craig 4 years ago

    You look great without make up!

  • donaldson280 4 years ago

    I am starting to wear makeup

  • totollyh8this 4 years ago

    You’re beautifull, I admire you.. <3

  • GillianRain 4 years ago

    I think what she means by “beginner” isn’t exactly a little middle schooler who is wearing makeup for the first time ever. I think she means girls who are older and want to learn a little bit more about eyeshadows and stuff like that.