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  • orly burton 4 years ago

    in year 6 you are 11 and OMG THE ACCENT

  • Petru Gabureanu 4 years ago

    They laughed when I told them I was going to get rid of fat with Ultra Slimming Formula, but then I showed them the results. Go and google Ultra Slimming Formula to see their reaction. (You should see their faces!)

  • Riya Zaveri 4 years ago

    You are so pretty!!! :) :):):):):):):):)

  • Ciara Gleeson 4 years ago

    I’ll be13 n 2 week n I don’t wear makeup but I’m going to start`but I’m not sure what to wear and I don’t want to b coverd in makeup either……could you pls help? tks!

  • Alexa M.S 4 years ago

    Ur so funny lol

  • justicelife1234 4 years ago

    Thanks so much i have always been interested in makeup but nobody has ever done looks that i can wear….. i love this simple but cute look!

  • ZoeEmmaHere 4 years ago

    aww you were so cute and quite hahahah

  • beautyliciousx11 4 years ago

    Please check out my channel <3 I’m giving away all 3 naked palettes!

  • adrielol666 4 years ago

    you are 12

  • Amber Groom 4 years ago

    So in year 6 you are 10

  • Amber Groom 4 years ago

    At my school in the uk u start at the age of 4 which is reception then it goes 1234 and thats primary then u go 5678 and thats secondry and then u go 9 10 11

  • Bethluvssweeties 4 years ago

    It really depends where you live, where I live you start school at 4 (reseption) or however you spell it, then you go year 1, year 2 , ect to year 6, primary done!! Then you go to high school year 7 – year 11 then after year 11 you stay on for six form (year 12 and 13) or go to collage then go to uni (you dont have to) or get a job :) Hope this helped soz for my spelling

  • onix rose 4 years ago

    yes and no 7-10 is more middle school for us 11 and 12 are more hight school from what i know of your schooling

  • onix rose 4 years ago

    yer there cuting out kindergarten and going to make it 13 instead of 12 or at list thats what my cousin said

  • mikuhastune0124 4 years ago

    6th grade, I’m guessing

  • reelgirl57 4 years ago

    what’s year 6

  • beautylife4ever 4 years ago

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  • Bethluvssweeties 4 years ago

    It’s one of my best friend’s 12th birthday party coming up and it’s a posh theme, she wants us to wear makeup. I turned 12 a few days ago and I’m wondering could you do a look for me for the party please? Ok bye xx

  • NimrodOnElmStreet 4 years ago

    very, very natural :D 

  • XxXDeathlyHallowsXxX 4 years ago

    @Angel Pink

    Well apparently they have yr 13 in Queensland (but I’m not sure I live in NSW)
    And I had preschool, then kindergarten, yr 1,2,3,4,5,6 then we go onto highschool at around 12/13 years old. So 7 years of primary and then 6 years of highschool yr 7,8,9,10,11,12
    because we don’t have middle school :)

  • krisdyl9901 4 years ago

    Is the BYS blush any good?

  • TashaCullen16 4 years ago


  • TashaCullen16 4 years ago

    I need Thos cause I’m in the same position that girl is she mentioned at the start of the vid :)

  • huimin shi 4 years ago

    She Australian right

  • CosmeticKat101 4 years ago

    Year 6, is it like 6th grade and year 10, 10th grade
    cuz in the US we go from 1st grade to 12th grade
    1-6 (elementary) which im guessing is whats called primary school
    then 7-8 is middle school and 9-12 high school
    btw that was a nice natural look

  • Smiggler12 4 years ago

    hey shell, i was wondering me being an ultra tom boy, would this look be alright for my graduation? i dont want my makeup to be like, noticeable in a way but yeah… do u get what i mean?

  • shellbarbie 4 years ago

    hey! thanks for watching :)
    you need a pink coloured base concealer for under the eyes, that cancels out the greenness :)

  • KatePanda1 4 years ago

    i’ve watched so many make up tutorial videos today, trying to hard to find something that works for me and this is probably the best one, so thanks for this (: i was just wondering if you’d by any chance have any sort of advise of the best ways to cover up really heavy dark circles underneath the eyes? ive had a problem with this for ages >.<

  • TheIsabelleCouture 4 years ago

    This is so helpful! Thank you!

  • Stephanie Tauyan 4 years ago

    the figer thing is awesome!

  • shellbarbie 4 years ago

    hell yes i am!

  • shellbarbie 4 years ago

    thanks so much for your comment! i figured the face moisturiser is so light i didnt need to bother! thanks though x

  • shellbarbie 4 years ago

    thanks so much! im so glad you enjoyed it x

  • aman09091 4 years ago

    you know, I have just started makeup and I was surfing youtube to find a look and yours is the best one yet! You’re very pretty. :)

  • jadahbingli li 4 years ago

    you are reallly good :D