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have a question , want me to awnser EMAIL ME : MUST HAVES; need a moisturizer : clean and clear dual action moisturizer and its oil free…

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  • vanessa r. 4 years ago

    I’m african american, and I have a much darker skin complexion, what color concealer/powder would you recommend?

  • fiercelygolden 4 years ago

    who won?

  • KayKayGlam 4 years ago

    @beautybypaigeee Agreed!(: I don’t even know how I forgot to write that in there!!!

  • beautybypaigeee 4 years ago

    elf brushes are kinda harsh they hurt a little. there like rough you should try eco tools they are way better

  • MblOw13 4 years ago

    omg!!!  :D i have the same dream boucy blush (i lOve it:) thanks for the video!!

  • Raegan607 4 years ago

    it was last tuesday!

  • fiercelygolden 4 years ago

    When does your iPad 2 contest end?

  • floralex123 4 years ago

    Thank you!!!:) it was really helpful!!

  • SkyBlue9612 4 years ago

    Thanks for this video :)
    It is helpful !

  • KrazyLuv8D 4 years ago

    Can you do a video on a review on elf brushes and what your supposed to use them for and what you recommend a beginner getting!:)