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Hi everyone :) I hope you enjoy this makeup tutorial, It covers all of the features of your face using simple yet effective makeup :) . This is my first video…

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  • LaDivinis 4 years ago

    Olá no problem.

  • wannalaugh90 4 years ago

    where are you from…you are so beautiful! do you have a facebook page? or maybe blog

  • Hettie Grace 4 years ago


  • Hettie Grace 4 years ago

    Obrigado, vou entrar e parar o seu canal! Você fala Inglês?

  • Karine Lima 4 years ago

    Olá.. Sou do Brasil e conheci seu canal. Me inscrevi no seu canal, te convido a participar do meu para trocarmos dicas, informações e atualizações de vídeos.. Bjus

  • Hettie Grace 4 years ago

    Thanks lol ;)

  • blackkjackk13 4 years ago

    youre so adorablee hehe x

  • colorfulme06 4 years ago

    thank you so much for subscribing!

  • Hettie Grace 4 years ago

    Thank youu!

  • Hettie Grace 4 years ago

    I’m sorry my video isn’t such good quality yet, I hope to improve! Oh, and i don’t wear much makeup in general, just for tutorials!

  • Hettie Grace 4 years ago

    Thank you, I am thinking about starting a series with that kind of stuff hehe :)

  • Hettie Grace 4 years ago

    Thanks :)

  • 4070sam 4 years ago

    good first video!
    it would be awesome if you focused on each part of the face now eg. eyes (eyeliner etc)
    just a tip :)

  • lucy Tobey 4 years ago

    this is really good

  • LaDivinis 4 years ago

    First able you edit bad. Second stop putting spam to @destinyyLatricee because you have done that in many other channel. Third you should go to demotologies teraphies. Fourth more light. Fifth Better quality. Hope you take this as a opinion and for you doing better so yeah and let me tell you somethingg you shouldnt wear SO MUCH makeup because you have so much pores and im not telling you to leave makeup im just saying not to much.

  • Hettie Grace 4 years ago

    haha sorry laptop crashed i will sub right now :3

  • DestinyyLatricee 4 years ago

    it says you didn’t sub, but I subbed back.

  • Hettie Grace 4 years ago

    I subbed hehe, sub me back?

  • DestinyyLatricee 4 years ago

    CHECK OUT MY CHANNELL :) dont forget to subscribe, *no spam intended*