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Have you seen my last video? “Kat Von D Lock it Tattoo Foundation- First Impression F.I.F” Top: Forever21 Hair: Tu…

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  • Lehua K. 3 years ago

    Okay uh so what about acne? Does anybody know of a foundation, concealer or
    something that won’t make me break out? 

  • Ashley Epperson 3 years ago

    When should you throw your makeup away? How long should you have them?

  • TengwarSoup 3 years ago

    Are the NYX eyebrow pencils any good? I have medium-dark red hair, and I
    have had a really hard time finding any pencils the right shade. 

  • Lenae Acosta 3 years ago

    wow your so pretty and you sound like an all around beautiful american
    girl! I enjoyed your video :) 

  • thebeautyelf 3 years ago

    I’m not a beginner but do you have a suggestion for a drugstore
    highlighting powder?

  • Alyne Tamir Manwaring 3 years ago

    Is powder supposed to be clear or white or bronze? I am always confused
    about what color to get! Like should it match my bronzer since you use it
    during the day? Or should it be translucent? Please write what colors you
    have of everything! (foundation etc) thankssss!

  • caitylin 3 years ago

    The maybelline the rocket mascara smudges on me! 

  • caseyw357 3 years ago

    9:32 dark brown hahahaha highlight of my day im sorry

  • Mariel Martinez 3 years ago

    the primer for the face, would that be good to use as a primer for the eyes

  • Annika Mahan 3 years ago

    Looking for BB creams..

  • Annie Zikianda 3 years ago

    Well, I know that giveaway is over, but I found your channel by searching ”
    makeup for beginners”

  • Taylor Woods 3 years ago

    i would like to enter your contest i’m 12 going into the 7th grade and my
    mom said that i may start makeup…..i found your channel by searching
    makeup for begginers! then i found this video and loved it! pls consider
    me! im so subscribing!

  • Talulah O 3 years ago

    becca has an ever matte primer (not drugstore) but i use the tiniest amount
    (so it lasts for ever) on my t zone and omg!!!! it really keeps me matte
    all day! i never have to retouch my make up for up to 12 hours!! it keeps
    it in place all night! i combine it with a regular primer for the rest of
    my face. i swear by it

  • Kayla Bygraves 3 years ago

    Right when people say malani blushes i think grate imma have to spend like
    £20 on a blush then she was like its like 5/6 dollars witch i dont think is
    more then £5!! <3

  • Livelovemusiccc 3 years ago


  • Monique Perez 3 years ago

    What’s a good lip liner? 

  • Brian Raines 3 years ago

    Hi do a night routine show

  • Xmari3 3 years ago

    I have the NYC bronzer but I use it as foundation cuz its my exact skin

  • SuppSamanthaa 3 years ago

    Rite aid carries jane cosmetics. 

  • Elsis Carrillo 3 years ago

    buenas recomedaciones!!

  • helluvaava 3 years ago


  • CHEWIE MAY 3 years ago

    I used to use foundation with a pump and it got clogged, and whenever i
    tried to use it, it would squirt out and get all over my cloths
    ;/ not a lover of the pump bottle

  • yadira gutierrez 3 years ago

    Oh my god I love it all this products I always want to buy nxy lipstick
    where can I buy tell me other drugstore 

  • ForTheLoveOfHappiness 3 years ago

    Elf has a great eyeshadow primer I have been using (: 

  • istealcookies 3 years ago

    New subscriber! Found your video on my recommendations. Thank you for the
    recommendations. It’s always good to save when you can. :) 

  • Jasmyne Levy 3 years ago

    I Love Love Love This Color

  • Sami Tormey 3 years ago

    I found your channel by searching make up for beginners!…. But I have a
    question, on many videos which I have watched they say that you should have
    a highlighter for a brightening affect around your eyes and cheeks but when
    ever I have gone searching for one they either come in a set with blush and
    bronzer in a very small portion or are extremely expensive. Is there anyway
    I could purchase it in something like a blush container at a drug store
    where it isn’t nearly as expensive, or do they come as liquids as well? And
    what kind of brush would you recommend to use to apply highlighter?

  • Emily Neisser 3 years ago

    Is there any way that you could do eye brows and foundation/blush on
    someone with wedium skin and specificallly blonde hair

  • Rachel Ann 3 years ago

    she kinda looks like britney spears! 

  • Connie B 3 years ago

    Thanks so much for this video!! I found you in my what to watch
    recommendations and they were spot on!! 

  • Emily Kuti 3 years ago

    You are flawless oh my god

  • kirsten pash 3 years ago

    I searched “makeup for beginners” :) 

  • Cassie Reynolds 3 years ago

    Omg your so pretty

  • Isabel Mateus 3 years ago

    Your hair looked so pretty!

  • Sweetie Symone 3 years ago

    Your makeup is SO flawless and SO natural. I don’t understand. Lol, helppp
    meeee out girrrrl

  • Emily Mancuso 3 years ago