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watch till the end .. seriously hahah hope this somewhat helped you Revlon Photo Ready – LINK…

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  • Tianna Marie 4 years ago

    I hate when I hit pan :( lol

  • dancego111111 4 years ago

    I love you sooo much!

  • Jay Blue 4 years ago

    okay, im in 8th grade, and even the 6 graders wear like the intense black eyeliner -___- and intense carbon black mascara -___-

  • Madeline Pathak 4 years ago

    pan?!?!! :O

  • justocarla01 4 years ago

    I like watching your videos

  • safarikat33 4 years ago

    sooo funny

  • Jenna Gattuso 4 years ago

    U r so funny!!!!

  • ikristalortiz5 4 years ago

    Bless u..

  • yayabrazie 4 years ago

    Oh my gosh your so funny, You have a new subscriber

  • jennifer angel 4 years ago

    Hahha lol

  • mickaela amber 4 years ago

    omg i said that too :)

  • JT Husted 4 years ago

    This is weird, but I like your eyebrows. They have a nice shape to them.

  • jennifer angel 4 years ago

    Bless You :D

  • Lmao1715 4 years ago

    Is that pan.?!
    ;D lolol.

  • Nedra Pinto 4 years ago

    lol she dident curl the rest of her hair

  • Nedra Pinto 4 years ago

    what is pan

  • BeautyGirl6795 4 years ago

    if you dye youur hair blonde and do your hair and makeup like that you wont regret it!!!!!!!!! (trust me)

  • allie McLaughlin 4 years ago

    is that paaaaannnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!

  • gumdrops123451 4 years ago

    im just starting with makeup and this is awesome!!

  • Jeniffer Rodriguez 4 years ago

    ilove your make up && your room is really nice(:

  • super011000 4 years ago

    bless you! :) 

  • Squidswimmer 4 years ago

    3:57 :)

  • beautyblush101 4 years ago

    i love pink pout! 

  • dogluver728 4 years ago

    really love this video, your soo funny!

  • TheSparklesandglam 4 years ago

    i use black mascarsa because i dont usaly buy my makup myself my mom does so ya and i dont use eyeliner

  • sarahhasmajorswag 4 years ago

    I think you should slow down when showing us the products. You couldn’t really see the product long enough to read it or take in the color. Otherwise, great video! Definately subbing c: !

  • britt23242526 4 years ago

    love ur channel

  • britt23242526 4 years ago

    love this video :)

  • staceylynn1516 4 years ago

    Bless u!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kushami17 4 years ago

    Nice room btw.

  • Girlovesfashion 4 years ago

    What if you eyelashes are naturally black and you don’t wear lots of mascarh? Do u still where brown?

  • H0601597L 4 years ago

    Bless you!:)

  • bazeen9999 4 years ago

    very good tips except you should talk louder!

  • ahouston21001 4 years ago

    LUV the video

  • PantiesHitTheFan 4 years ago

    You are adorable. I just took down the CG trio names in my phone. :) Thank you!

  • Alice Hayley 4 years ago

    when your realized that your bronzer had that whole :P i call it the hole of death :p