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Check out the Palettes here ::::OPEN ME HIGHLY REQUESTED!!!!!! this is a routine thats simple for beginners or just everyday routine…

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  • Dyani Martinez 4 years ago


  • yadiferndrewesco609 4 years ago

    That foundation!! Omg! It had way too much of a red undertone!

  • yadiferndrewesco609 4 years ago

    I wanna grab a Kleenex and just wipe underneath her eyes!! Aaaahhhhh! Start with a CLEAN face, Trisha!!!

  • chutton888 4 years ago

    wow that foundation is so dark on you

  • FuckItShitHappens214 4 years ago

    Why is your foundation so dark???

  • lauren moon 4 years ago

    @blndsundoll4mj hey trisha! My prom is coming up and I was hoping if you could do a make up tutorial for it thanks!

  • mrugg77able 4 years ago

    Usually. I love your videos but this one I hate. Your concealer was a good color then your foundation was brown. Like come on.

  • zau2550 4 years ago

    Did. you come on millionaire Match makers?? am sure i saw you lol

  • woozworld buster 4 years ago

    Trish I think ur awesome!!! Your so helpful!!!!

  • FediBi1 4 years ago

    ow man this looks sooooo bad!

  • 16sweetkxs88kiss 4 years ago

    Trish if you like it then use it you’re very pretty!!

  • Rebeccaloves18 4 years ago

    So beautiful

  • younglsd 4 years ago

    you are so beautiful with not much make up !!

  • Iamhappy149 4 years ago

    yesss i love your make up tut…becouse is the beeesssstttttt

  • PrettyGirlRock1115 4 years ago

    you are like jenna marbles o.O

  • CheyenneDtv 4 years ago

    Trish your beautiful with and without make up!

  • rebecca vaughan 4 years ago

    Aww trish your so nice and kind and beautiful ,I love you ! Xxx

  • Tatum MacBride 4 years ago

    this look is really nice trisha! u look super classy. this vid was helpful, thnx!

  • Jessica Ippolito 4 years ago

    does anyone know what type of liquid eyeliner she used? the cover girl one i bought is not dark, and no new ink comes out of the spongy marker type thing on the end, so it’s almost as though i can’t use it at all.

  • thkb4uspeak 4 years ago

    LOL..your just a little wanna be and I am the asshole?? Haha..your so delusional :)

  • Brenna Bunny 4 years ago

    congrats you got thumbs up from assholes like you, want a cookie? she left her comments open but that doesnt mean she wants pricks like you to feel like they better themselves by bringing others down, the only one who needs to piss off are immature people like you, your a waste of breath anyway.

  • thkb4uspeak 4 years ago

    Obviously a few people agree with me as you will notice by the thumb ups my comment has received. She obviously WANTS advice or she would not leave her comments open on her cheesy ass videos. If you don’t like it then piss off :)

  • Brenna Bunny 4 years ago

    your intent was to be hurtful not helpful you clearly knew what this was about, take your paragraph of shit somewhere else and grow up, if she wanted your “advice” she would ask for it

  • missjembaby 4 years ago

    I love you Trisha, but I don’t think you should have done a makeup tutorial using your fingers to blend in your foundation! NO! That’s a huge no-no and could be attributing to your acne. On another note, I really don’t like bh cosmetics, I think their products aren’t pigmented at all but you definitely get what you pay for. Cheap product=cheap results. But I love you trisha! Not hating, just using your fingers on your face is one of the things that makes me cringe!

  • ZombieCat64 4 years ago

    @JezieNeeChan her skin is like that because she had to take prescription pills due to trauma from her past. Her skin is result of side effects from her meds

  • JezieNeeChan 4 years ago

    I completely agree with this. This video shows you what daily make up usage will do to your skin. My mom always told my sister and me to NEVER wear make up… to be proud of our natural beauty, and this is exactly why. You will get acne, large pores, and blotchy skin… No make up with keep your skin younger, longer.

  • cindeesla 4 years ago

    This has to be a joke