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Need your makeup to look flawless in photos? Avoid common makeup mistakes and outdated myths! Look below for a full product listing and make to SUBSCRIBE! On…

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  • Jennifer Maldonado 3 years ago

    Love this tutorial! You are so freakishly amazing! 

  • NaturallyMsToya 3 years ago

    I learnt a lot in this video. You are awesome!! Her makeup was so flawless
    and beautiful!! You really do #givegoodface :) I love your tutorials. Keep
    them coming!

  • tina pedirn 3 years ago

    Great teacher!! Thank you

  • Joanne Bowden 3 years ago

    Hi Jordan. I’ve watched a few vids from different artists and everyone
    seems to have differing ideas on priming. Some only prime the oily T-zones
    and others prime the whole face. So what is the best method? I’m
    assuming that it may have something to do with skin type perhaps?
    < —Artist-in-training. :) 

  • Sandra L 3 years ago

    Hi Jordan……….I have a question that i’m sure everyone wants to know
    know……..the incident with ANGELINA JOLIE recently……..she had
    horrible flashback with some powder………how did this happen and how did
    her makeup artist not know this?

  • Dezondria Johnson 3 years ago

    Don’t see enough of you, Jordan!

  • Kiera Grant 3 years ago

    Jordan I am a new subbie and can I just say your vids are a joy to watch. I
    am retraining in makeup and am learning so much! Keep up the good work and
    sending you lots of love from Ireland x 

  • Zohal Atmar 3 years ago

    Hello thank you so much for all the helpful videos :)
    I watch you since day one … Love your professional videos :)
    Best of luck for your future success

  • Victoria Nunns 3 years ago

    Some tips on the SPF flashback thing would be good! X

  • Dimana Dyakova 3 years ago

    Amazing look! Really, really love your tips and videos :) You’re already my
    new favorite beauty channel here in the Tube ;) ) Thanks so much for doing
    this :) xo from Bulgaria

  • neno aroyan 3 years ago

    awesome video!! just wondering what program you use to edit your videos

  • Tobias Tran 3 years ago

    Trendy. Gorgeous. Simple yet Elegant. “Balance”! Oh my God! What a great
    tutorial from you, Mr. Liberty. You are amazing! and I literally cannot
    wait for more videos. <3 Much love. xoxo.

  • namalehua 3 years ago

    I love how you break all the rules in makeup! It’s such a breath of fresh
    air and I feel everyone goes by such a structured rule book! Love your
    videos and most of all tips and tricks!

  • jane f 3 years ago

    what shade of smashbox liquid halo did you use on nikki? thanks! everything
    looks perfect

  • FoqiyaFox Inayat 3 years ago

    Love it & great tips as always. When I use SPF people always question me &
    models don’t believe me when I say it doesn’t create flashback until they
    see pictures afterwards and are happy with the results… but atleast I’m
    not the only one who knows this now! Thanks again Jordan x 

  • Alaa Hassanin 3 years ago

    omg Jordan im overseas and i just made a big purchase from the fake it
    lashes and the spellbound lacquers you won’t even imagine i was flipped out
    after using the the 30% Code specially cause i’m a new freelancer makeup
    artist u saved me
    i love you and i trust you completely , hope that one day you’ll launch
    you’re own makeup line too

  • Michelle P 3 years ago

    Please do a video on now to correctly use HD setting powders so that there
    is no flashback. I think it’d be really helpful to see a demo. Thanks! 

  • Cheyenne Dixon-Montoya 3 years ago

    Jordan, I love the kind of light flash effect in your video. Is it part of
    the set, or is it a tool in the video editor? This geek needs to know lol. 

  • Christy P 3 years ago

    Hi jordan! I love your tutorials ur amazing! Can i ask you smthing? What
    are ur thoughts on the banana powder and how does it photograph? How should
    i use it? I often get many fine lines after my concealer application and i
    need to pat the powder on to lock my concealer in! But im worried it will
    look very yellow.. Thanks :)

  • Loveyoualwaysxoxo 3 years ago

    what song was playing at the beginning?

  • Andy N 3 years ago

    The Estee Lauder Double Wear, which has no SPF, looks slightly grey/white
    in flash photography. Is there a way to avoid this?

  • Emmajeannn1 3 years ago

    LOVE love love your videos and that you appreciate true artistry and are
    trying to step away from heavy “instagram” makeup 

  • Cherise Ishman 3 years ago

    Could you do a video dedicated to deeper toned ethnic skin?
    ( : With maybe three-four models of diverse skin colors/undertones?

  • TheCSeen 3 years ago

    One of the reasons I always love to see your videos is that you’re so
    beautiful. I mean I love seeing how you do your makeup to your own face. so
    neat, so clean it feels like photoshop. lol. maybe you can do a get ready
    with me some day..? thanks for all the videos btw. love you :*

  • Hana Saleh 3 years ago

    Ohhh i just loooovvvveeeeeee you… And everything you do <3 just amazing

  • Joy Bernstein 3 years ago

    Just subbed 2 ur channel. ..i always do my makeup in front of my window. .
    Or natural lighting. .i am luving the dewy radiant look ..but when taking
    photos. .i am super shiny. .i use Guerlains beads powder.. am i using too
    much? ? Or what am I doing wrong? ? Plzz help..again ty 4 sharing. .

  • Katy Tavizon 3 years ago

    Hi Jordan, can you please do a bridal makeup, please please please! I’m
    going to get married on October and I don’t know what to do… I don’t want
    a classic boring makeup look, so can you help me? 

  • Megan McTaggart 3 years ago

    Gorgeous! Love that lip combo :) 

  • Adelle Ramcharan 3 years ago

    your videos are BEAUTIFUL!

  • Shifa Syed 3 years ago

    wow i learnt alot! thanks
    definitely subscribing!! <3

  • shams Ghanim 3 years ago

    Thanks for these awesome tips. Kindly, usually when we wear makeup after 1
    hour or so there will be lines specially the smiling lines where the
    foundation start to separate. Why is this happening and how to avoid it plz

  • Lilith Armstrong 3 years ago

    omg~those tips is very helpful,thanks so much :) 

  • Dayana Delgadillo 3 years ago

    your videos are always so great, loooove from Mx City 

  • PowderBlushh 3 years ago

    Your models are always natural beauties:)

  • Jami Thurms 3 years ago

    You do #GiveGoodFace

  • pheonix fly 3 years ago

    Thanks so much for reiterating that SPF and HD powders don’t cause flash
    back! I get so frustrated when I hear people say that. Lol

  • GothikQueen 3 years ago

    Where do you get these models? They are all so extremely beautiful :) 

  • Candace Skaggs 3 years ago

    Jordan, you know you’re one of my favorites! Another informative and great
    quality video! Your content is the best. :) xoxo

  • Stephanie Perez 3 years ago

    Omg I love your tips your so unique n talented 

  • Sharon R 3 years ago

    your models are sooo pretty :) and you are so talented … i really enjoy
    your videos!! hugs from Mexico :) !

  • KiNkYnEsT 3 years ago

    I always enjoy your videos along with the tips and tricks! Thanks for
    taking time out to provide us with this info

  • keighty 3 years ago

    I absolutely love your videos! Incredibly informative. Thanks so much for
    sharing your knowledge :) 

  • Kyra Opdyke 3 years ago

    Flawless! Would the Clinique foundation work well for HD photography? 

  • sma2030 3 years ago

    *run-back* worldwide but not my country :( please include United Arab
    Emirates – Dubai T.T 

  • FlawlessImperfection Beauty 3 years ago

    Thank you for another succinct yet fun and super informative video! What
    looks good in online applications can read very differently in real life
    and photography. A thought for Gals to think about when choosing a look! I
    also to mix warms, cools and textures, so much more interest to the face-
    those eye, cheek, lip and kitchen sink convertibles make a dull palette!
    Well done again!

  • Dominika Bojkowska 3 years ago

    cheeks look amazing ! (well that sounds weird haha)

  • Kendra O 3 years ago

    Love this look!

  • Debbie Selhost 3 years ago

    Love your vids! Could you do a unique, but wearable makeup tutorial? Or
    sassy makeup tutorial??? I’d be SO. happy! :) <3

  • LuvanMusiq 3 years ago

    Excellent excellent!! Wonderful tips as usual and very to the point. Should
    darker (i.e. black) skin tones use gold instead of silver shadow in the
    inner corner of the eyes? Thank you!!