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I really hope you guys enjoy this video and found it helpful :) It was super requested by you guys! Let’s get this video to 1500 likes?! :) PRODUCT DETAILS: 1. Bare Minerals Prime Time…

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  • Jeanine Amapola 4 years ago

    Just a comment guys, this makeup isn’t meant to be the most gorgeous
    perfect makeup! It’s supposed to be simple and easy to do so everyone can
    do it, but still look good! But not everyone will like it, and that’s okay :) 

  • Jeanine Amapola 4 years ago

    HI FRIENDS!!! <3 YAY FOR NEW VID! Can we give this vid 1,500 likes? :)

    Announcement! I’ll be at BeautyCon Dallas March 14th, who else is going??!

    Let me know if you liked this video and found it helpful! :) PEACE OUT GIRL

  • BeautyCutiex5 4 years ago

    haha am i the only one who dresses up nice and puts on makeup just to take
    pictures with my friends for fun?

  • trisha60 4 years ago

    im just not photogenic! i need to take like 50 selfies before i find ONE
    half decent picture!! u look great and thanks for the video! :) 

  • Whitney Uwandu 4 years ago

    “Edward Cullen’s sister”

  • Keonna Jackson 4 years ago

    Where did you buy your eyeshadow brushes from? especially the one for
    blending :) 

  • Erika Alvarado 4 years ago

    I love you❤️❤️❤️

  • Tanamontana100 4 years ago

    So pretty girl!

  • Taylor Moments 4 years ago

    This is stunning!!!!! =D!!! 

  • Naz Akın 4 years ago

    favourite youtuber!

  • Nik Saphirrez 4 years ago

    Your concealer is just sad. Try applying it in more of a triangular form so
    it doesn’t look so obvious. (No hate intended)

  • Inês Brito 4 years ago

    So beautiful!

  • Tori Hannah 4 years ago

    The L’Oreal pro matte foundation is fantastic I definitely suggest it!

  • Olivia Carpenter 4 years ago

    love the video, but I hate the beginning.. Only because you said that
    you’ll start out looking ratchet. It makes it sound like everyone looks bad
    with out makeup. You should be teaching viewers to love themselves! Great
    video, and I’m sure you didn’t mean to sound like that but it just kinda
    made me a little upset (:

  • AshitaXo 4 years ago

    you dont need makeup! your really pretty without it. :) 

  • Veronica Sanchez 4 years ago

    Omg I think I saw you earlier this week at the SAC! 

  • Gaby Delacruz 4 years ago

    Edward Cullen’s sister

  • evilcrumbs 4 years ago

    the gel is actually the brow pomade :) 

  • Stephanie Torres 4 years ago

    I remember the first time you mentioned that makeup with spf would
    photograph weird, oh how that tip has changed my pictures :) 

  • Rivers Sky 4 years ago

    Are you going to be at beauty con dallas?

  • BeestFransxoxo 4 years ago

    If you haven’t already, you should try out the too faced better than sex

  • danybanana7 4 years ago

    Can you tell me your experience using the mary kay foundation pleaseeee? I
    dont know if I should try it. Youre so prettyyyyy loved the video! Xo

  • Rebecca Tabacca 4 years ago

    Tarte full coverage foundation

  • Jasmine Escobar 4 years ago

    Aghh why are you so perfect ?

  • Alex McEntire 4 years ago

    For sure gonna do this look for prom. Love it! Thank you!

  • Allison R 4 years ago

    If you don’t have the color mink/Lorac pallet, do you have any colors that

  • Michaela Chnurikova 4 years ago

    This makeup look seems to look bit plastic to me

  • xoxo TIFNI 4 years ago

    You should do another video just like this but with all drugstore
    products.. I know you used a few but even I am 27 and can’t afford to buy
    some of those high end products lol plus im kinda cheap. 

  • gillian ann 4 years ago

    yasssss i needed this video. perfect timing. 

  • Rebecca Cordova 4 years ago

    Love the makeup

  • Saraa E 4 years ago

    Your skin even looks good without foundation

  • Shirley Gabrielle 4 years ago

    You should try the loreal setting spray!!

  • Tara Perez 4 years ago

    I loved this! Looks so easy

  • Andra Naruson 4 years ago

    Tried this makeup look out but it didn’t work for me :( but it look really
    beautiful on you! :) 

  • macarena16 4 years ago

    You are so pretty kisses from Peru ♥♥♡♡

  • Graceful + Lovely 4 years ago

    Okay, so sorry I had to tell someone to leave you alone but I don’t get why
    people are so mean on social media!!! Anyway… my fellow Texas chica, you
    are beautiful! Love your vids! ☺️❤️