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Here is a super easy simple makeup tutorial appropriate for any teenager!

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  • Ladylike Charm 2 years ago

    Such a simple yet very pretty look! Thank you inviting me to your channel!
    I liked & subscribed, keep up the great videos!:) 

  • Stacie Cute 2 years ago

    Very simple makeup look! I like it. I love your hair though! I don’t like
    layers, but the kind you have doesn’t seem to be a thick cut. Good makeup
    tutorial! :) 

  • Mint Brunette Beauty Channel 2 years ago

    gorgeous makeup! you look stunning :) 

  • Caitlin and Richa 2 years ago

    I like this look very natural!! It is also easy going on the skin!! You
    commented on my channel winter ootw!! I subscribed!! 

  • lusilocket 2 years ago

    Ur videos are so cute! would u wanna sub for sub and become youtube
    friends! It’d be amazing to be friends with someone who makes such good
    videos :) 

  • Viva La Highstreet 2 years ago

    Love this video!! I subbed..hope you sub back!!

  • Elle Sees 2 years ago

    love how it turned out!!

  • Neomi Vafiadis 2 years ago

    Lovely video! <3

  • Angelina B 2 years ago

    Great video, simple and easy :D I subscribed 

  • lilistar1494 2 years ago

    Love the look!!:) I subbed! Hope you can sub back!<3

  • Modern Moment 2 years ago

    I really like this makeup look and it looks great on you. Hope you could
    check out our latest video.

  • Kailee Gurl 2 years ago

    You are so pretty! Also I absolutely love this look on you!~~Kailee

  • makeup momma 2 years ago

    old gals that want to be young? lol that made me laugh.

  • Bianca & Bella 2 years ago

    Great video! Liked and subbed ♡ Would be great if you subbed back ♡

  • Helens Camino 2 years ago

    Nice look Jaclyn. :) 

  • xokferg894 2 years ago

    Good video, I subbed

  • Normii 2 years ago

    Love your personality gilie <3 and the makeup is very pretty! very natural
    ,love it!

  • TheFashionNMakeup 2 years ago

    love it!

  • Nicole Angeline 2 years ago

    great video!

  • Aracely Trejo 2 years ago

    great video :) 

  • Its Halo 2 years ago

    you are such a cutie!! <3 lovely tutorial!!

  • Haley Lang 2 years ago

    Your gorgeous :) 

  • Ashley Klaty 2 years ago

    Such a great tutorial <3

  • Shay Gyawali 2 years ago

    beautiful tutorial! I would like to see a morning routine video :) I just
    found your channel and i love your videos! i just subbed :) I make videos
    too, it would literally mean everything if you could take a moment to check
    out my videos and maybe subscribe? THANK YOU sosossos much!

  • Aaya Is 2 years ago

    Nice natural look ;) xoxo

  • Goldie K 2 years ago

    sub for sub? love the makeup look btw!!

  • Beauty Bae 2 years ago

    beautiful :) )

  • HangOutWith Jaclyn 2 years ago


  • Gisselle Vix 2 years ago

    Loved the video (:
    Your channel is awesome!✨
    Hope you can check mine out♡

  • HangOutWith Jaclyn 2 years ago
  • UBeenLaurafied 2 years ago

    Super cute

  • KrazyKoolKeasia 2 years ago

    Great video! I just subbed 

  • Lina Usman 2 years ago

    Hi nice video sound great. Love it keep making more videos i will make sure
    to watch them :) I make a video too if you like subscribe that should be
    great :) 

  • HangOutWith Jaclyn 2 years ago