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  • AmberJessAly 4 years ago

    No it didnt look like a freckle, it looked more like a white head or something. But they should get models with actual blemishes.

  • mldtq 4 years ago

    that was thorough, if i do that, i’d have to give myself an hour to do my makeup, lol

  • fc kc 4 years ago

    At least get a model WITH blemishes.. So ironically stupid

  • avalava90210 4 years ago

    i find that happens a lot with light eyes! haha

  • nerdiemy 4 years ago

    i had to squint to see that blemish. haha

  • thaothach1 4 years ago


  • BeautyMonster1000 4 years ago

    Nobody has “perfect” skin, because there’s no such thing as perfect. Nobody’s perfect, and if there was a such thing as perfect, don’t you think someone would be perfect? Just saying. <3

  • Linnea Freskgard 4 years ago

    how the heck is that a blemish?

  • Anastasia Barr 4 years ago

    You have models that already have perfect skin. Her “blemish” was probably a freckle.

  • Makeupbybri 4 years ago

    I thought a rule of thumb was to NEVER take the concealer and put it directly from the wand onto the blemish? You’re infecting your concealer with bacteria… ew.

  • makeupbymicaela 4 years ago

    The model was kinda creepy… In the close ups, I felt like she was..staring into my soul. lol

  • RindhemAz 4 years ago

    Thanks that really helped!

  • Maria F. Merino 4 years ago

    Love the model’s eyes❤❤❤❤

  • gbritaney 4 years ago

    Very helpful