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Makeup Primer Alternative? Well this one works for me! Ive been using the smashbox primer for about a year now, its very good, not too expensive but then I wanted something even cheaper or…

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  • exclamation3mark 4 years ago


  • Pheobe Halliwell 4 years ago

    Whys ur face so orange 

  • DOURDOUGH5 4 years ago

    do you have any hairl bundles to sell btw i love ur hair u should dye a
    piece purple

  • Maureen Downey 4 years ago

    Poundland are currently selling this for, ta-dah, £1! Can’t get cheaper
    than that!

  • AllisBelle 4 years ago

    Thank you! Its from topshop, was in my last haul video

  • ninen14 4 years ago

    Thank you for this video love. I’ve also been looking for the perfect
    primer so I’m going to try the chaffing gel lol. Smashbox Photofinish Light
    didn’t work for me; I used to use MAC SPF primer (it was perfect) until
    they changed the formula, so now I’m on a hunt. Right now I’m using YSL
    primer, it’s great, but almost $50 US. I just watched LizLive video, she
    said she has oily skin, and the Mary Kay primer works wonders for her – so
    I’m going to order that online and hope for the best :)

  • AllisBelle 4 years ago

    @Rudo G Hi! You

  • frederic ouattara 4 years ago

    hiya!!!! do you have a lace closure on ? i have recently gone natural and
    am looking for a good lace closure and yours looks amazing!!!

  • AllisBelle 4 years ago

    Thank you! Should have some available in the new year when my site is
    launched in the new year :-)

  • WhatLolaSaid 4 years ago

    where did you get your top from? it is really nice

  • OH Martha 4 years ago

    Hi where do you get the chafing gel from boots? X

  • Thank u so much for the review! I picked this up from superdrugs and tried
    today and OMG its fab so far! This is my first primer ever so very happy I
    didnt have to fork out for a pricier primer! : )

  • AllisBelle 4 years ago

    Hi yes, I got the gel from boots but pretty sure superdrug has them also

  • AllisBelle 4 years ago

    @Rudo G Hi not sure where they are stocked in the stores, just ask a staff
    member :-)

  • AllisBelle 4 years ago

    haha thank you for the tip!