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Primer Makeup


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  • frowniebrown86 2 years ago

    Wayne Goss – the only man who can tell me what to do

  • 1helluvawomen 2 years ago

    When Wayne said “Tits” I regressed mentally… into a giggling 13 yr old
    girl! Lol I hate it when makeup get on my tits.. o.O ok I’m done : )

  • Kelline Pickett 2 years ago

    May I be probably the millionth person to say, WOW, love that
    background…..purple yes yes yes!!!

    I don’t use spray primers because I’m too picky about my hair. I have an
    aversion to putting anything besides hair product on my hair and the
    thought that this spray would have to touch my hair is a dis-qualifier for

  • Angela Wilkins 2 years ago

    I absolutely love you! I will be willing to fly you to the US to do my
    makeup for my wedding!!!……… Since summer is approaching, can you do a
    complete waterproof makeup looks for crazy people like me that can’t go to
    a water park without makeup on? Lol but I’m dead serious! 

  • Andreia Ribeiro 2 years ago

    Does it work with either water based and silicon based foundations? Or will
    it make it slide…?

  • Kiki Hernandez 2 years ago

    Awesome tip Wayne! I will be spraying my face because I don’t want it to
    slide down my tits so hairspray it is

  • Melyvan V 2 years ago

    Getting on your tits!! Never heard that before but its so funny!!! Thanks
    your your review. I’m using a primer/ setting spray from Victoria secret
    and I liked it. I believe spray primer handle better my oily complexion.

  • EvilStep Queen 2 years ago

    That little fuzzy on your face. I just wanted to walk up, blow in your
    face, walk away. Hahaha. Darn towels and their fuzzies!! I love the UD De
    Slick, which is also made by Skindinavia. I spray before and after and my
    makeup stays in place, and I’m definitely not as shiny!! Yay!

  • raward219 2 years ago

    Baaaaa @your figure of speach! I died! Great quick review! 

  • Renata Molina 2 years ago

    Your figure of speech made me laugh so hard wayne!

  • Leila Wolfert 2 years ago

    tits?????????????? LOL whahahahaha!!

  • Magr G 2 years ago

    Wayne this product is fantastic. I thought to give it a go because of my
    combination skin, my makeup in the humid Hawaiian heat just looks
    disgusting after a few hours. I got the primer and setting spray. Since
    using this product my makeup lasts without all the shine and stands up to
    the summer humidity. My husband also uses it and is happy with the results.
    Great recommendation and thank you ever so much.

  • Betty Heath 2 years ago

    “Getting on your tits”, that made me lol!

  • Labella makeup 2 years ago

    He made my day getting on your tits lmfaoooooo. Love him

  • Sue O'Brien 2 years ago

    i have been known to use ACTUAL hairspray on my face to set it….i am not
    a smart lady

  • Chelle O 2 years ago

    Love this spray primer

  • gemzz2006 2 years ago

    im a big fan of you and your videos… they are simple to follow and very
    helpful. thank you for teaching, i know its very time consuming(making
    videos).. if possible plz make some videos on bollywood makeup(indian
    makeup). thank you again.

  • Elena Hussain 2 years ago

    I’ll buy it because of you :) ! thx 

  • Amalia Vet 2 years ago

    Very very good video quality,good background. The orchid still can find a
    place in there:) Big hugs from Greece.

  • Shirley Lumielle 2 years ago

    “Get into your tits tsk tsk *wink*” hahahahhaa.. You really naughty wayne!
    I use the skindinavia no more shine before and after makeup, is it work as
    a primer too? But i dont really feel it helps prolong my makeup thou

  • Jerry Springer 1 2 years ago

    I’ve only discovered you today – only about 40 years too late! Brilliant
    vids, brilliant advice. For a long while now I have used the Paul Mitchell
    Awapuhi moisture mist. It is excellent for keeping make-up in place but
    also on very hot days it is an instant cool down and it doesn’t run. There
    are other products (some very expensive) but the alternative is Evian or
    Perrier mineral water, especially if your skin is sensitive. I’ve sat many
    a day on Mauritius beaches spraying these on my face and neck. I wish they
    would make one with a sunblock in it too!

  • strgazr04 2 years ago

    I have heard that you can use your finishing/setting spray prior to putting
    on foundation the same way you’d use this primer spray. Does that work in
    the same manner? Can you use for instance the Urban Decay Chill setting
    spray before AND after your makeup to make it stay longer? I have very dry
    skin so I don’t want something for oil control. But with the emollient
    moisturizers I use (Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery line), I find that my
    makeup tends to rub off around my nose, mouth, and jaw easily despite using
    Nars Translucent Crystal powder. Without those moisturizers (and even
    sometimes with them) I end up with my foundation sticking to every flake on
    my face so I need them.

  • 'Tis Sheila 2 years ago

    Hiya Goss, i love this video, but do you think i should use a primer and
    setting spray with airbrush makeup? just wondering kuz i know you use
    airbrush makeup too, thanks babs xx 

  • Jocelyne Mejia 2 years ago

    Lmao!!!! There is ALWAYS something in your videos that makes me chuckle.
    You’re the best, Wayne! Love the tips :) 

  • BeautyByKrystal 2 years ago

    I love their primer spray, I got a mini bottle at TMS LA and fell in love,
    so glad it is available to buy now! I have been using my mini sparingly ;) 

  • Tom Ripley 2 years ago

    Actually, Wayne, you needn’t waste your money on these. The same effect can
    be achieved with Silvikrin ultimate hold hairspray. The only compromise is
    you can’t open your mouth but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper. Xxx

  • Christina S. 2 years ago

    Getting on your tits… LOL!!!

  • Amanda Slone 2 years ago

    My face has been being weird lately. It’s like it’s getting dryer
    throughtout the day. Can’t keep moisture in my skin.

  • Karen Yvonne 2 years ago

    Getting on your tits …. lmao. That is why I love you Wayne xxx

  • Cheryl Anne | My Made Life 2 years ago

    Ahahahahahahahah getting on your tits hahahhhhahhaah made my day! I need to
    incorporate that into my convos

  • J. Angeles 2 years ago

    i wounder….if i just walked up to him an kissed him straight in the
    mouth…would he reject me?…

  • iNatalyBeauty 2 years ago

    Love every single one of your videos!!! 

  • Lips&Lashes 2 years ago

    Wayne there is also BEN NYE “FINAL SEAL” This is what the Disney Princesses
    use to set their makeup after applying. Even if you sweat, hug, or rub,
    your makeup will stay in place and your face won’t be shiny. You can’t see
    or feel it either once it’s dried, but this stuff is legit! Perfect for
    wedding day! And its way cheaper than other brands.

  • Holly G 2 years ago

    I have used ELF setting spray and really liked it. I have dry skin so
    makeup tends to stay on very well. I would LOVE if you did a video on
    makeup REMOVERS especially eye makeup removers. Which ones do you like? 

  • Maha Khurram 2 years ago

    Love this background! You are amazing, ever since I’ve watched your videos
    you have completely transformed and changed the way I do my make up, and I
    find that my make up is better; lasts longer and just generally has a great
    look now. I love watching your videos, you rock, I hope you make your own
    make up line one day !! Keep doing your thing. LOVE YOU WAYNE X 

  • Sonja Boone 2 years ago

    I use Makeup Forever spray. I think its works great. My makeup seems to
    last last longer and stay fresh looking. Thank You so very much.. I
    bought Bobby Brown stick foundation today your video was being featured at
    their counter. The Sale person and I were very excited about all your
    videos. :) 

  • Josie Cusumano 2 years ago

    I really like it. I had gotten a sample of it when I went to The Makeup
    Show Pop Up show in December. I also like the Kryolan HD makeup primer and
    the MUFE HD primer. 

  • gossmakeupchat 2 years ago
  • Mrs Corona 2 years ago

    Hello for me using primer do not work very well. I just recently star using
    Becca matt primer I do like it a lot. I don’t like the shining look.
    I try spray primer and is just a disaster. Make up don’t last.