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Makeup Starter Kit 2014. Use this as a guide only, and feel free to test out different brands/products to find out what works for you. Watch Part 2:…

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  • Moonwalking Rocky 5 years ago

    You remind me of Jordan Sparks! GORGEOUS!!!
    Subbed heehee! <3

  • Dee Gordon 5 years ago

    I have to explain something to our North Americans sisters here: it is
    extremely difficult for WOC to get cheap makeup over here, let alone
    drugstore makeup which actually works. The necessary range of shades is
    just not catered for- at all.

    We can’t just run to Boots and pick up a nice Rimmel, Bourgois, Maybelline,
    Revlon or L’Oreal foundation or concealer. It’s literally only been in the
    last six years or so that major brands have realised that we exist over
    here. (Revlon still hasn’t bothered to sell the two darkest shades of its
    Nearly Naked foundation in the UK.)

    For a long time: we either saved up our money for a good US foundation like
    MAC….or we were forced to make do with extremely cheap, thickly, oily
    products- which were only sold in random afro-Caribbean beauty stores.
    There was no in-between option and the selection was tiny.

    Things are getting better (still no love from Bourgois though and The
    Bodyshop has no immediate plans to create foundations for anything darker
    than….sand) but you can understand how we stick to what we know works,
    especially when our options remain competitively limited.


  • browniegay 5 years ago

    Your makeup looks really nice. Do you use a NC foundation in Mac or NW? I
    was given NW 43 foundation but reviewing YouTube I think I should have been
    given a NC foundation. Do you have suggestions or info about the two
    foundations for youtubers?

  • Brittanie Scott 5 years ago

    This is a makeup starter kit video so she’s suggesting “a primer,
    concealer, foundation etc” meaning these are the types of things you should
    have. Not you need a Mac primer or Mac foundation. She even says you should
    use whatever you want. These are just the brands she likes and she uses she
    shouldn’t HAVE to do a drugstore version if she doesn’t regularly use that
    product. People always want drugstore options but if someone doesn’t use or
    even like a particular drug store product it’s a waste of a suggestion
    video because then it’s not honest. This is just giving you a general idea
    on you need a primer, foundation, blush, concealer, eye shadow etc and then
    showing examples. I don’t get why people are upset over all the high end
    products. Buy what you can afford. No big deal.

  • Leanne Beaumont 5 years ago

    This may sound rather strange but im not too keen on foundation. Now i have
    used it before (dont knock it till u try it motto!!!) but i find them
    uncomfortable on my skin and it makes my skin feel like a mask…..even
    thou i put a very little amount on. So, heres the question, what would u
    suggest??? Maybe a conceler or something?? I have dark spots on my nose,
    horrible dark bags under my eyes and a few blemishs!!! Help!!!! Btw, loved
    the vid!! Xx

  • Jorgie Joseph 5 years ago

    Do you need to use use concealer and foundation everyday for work. Because
    i’m using BB cream from Maybelline. 

  • Houyame Ameziane 5 years ago

    Hey Shirley I a new fan of urs I went thru ur videos ur blog I absolutly
    love love love them .. we have the same skin tone which make ur videos and
    recommandation even more interestin for me .. I looked around for a list of
    wuts in this video the products n everything but I just cant find it .. I
    did love the favorite lipsticks by mac on ur blog definetly gonna g by them
    .. I actually just started the whole make up thing (just understood that no
    matter how ur skin is pretty u always need a little pop of colour :) ) ..
    with that bein said I woyld looove love love if u can ake time and list us
    the products on the video above I sure im one of many who would love to
    have them .. voila thank u vert very much I love ur attitude n humor . Love
    from Morocco !! Houyame

  • Sherrell Wimberly 5 years ago

    She looks so much like Jordan Sparks, the singer.

  • Monique Williams 5 years ago

    What are you wearing on your eyes? It’s beautiful 

  • Deborah Adebayo 5 years ago

    My new favorite YouTuber!!!! You style is so cool in a minimalist way!!!!

  • Keonna Beasley 5 years ago

    you remind me of jordin sparks

  • Aaqmz Aaqmz 5 years ago

    Thanks sweetie for the info it help me a lot 

  • Sherice Clark 5 years ago

    I love your nail color 

  • shareata carter 5 years ago
  • eforward1 5 years ago

    Beautiful young lady! That’s ALOT of makeup for a “starter” kit…….
    .kind of intimidating to me.

  • Jonalyn Felice Dacquel 5 years ago

    Shirley you still haven’t filled out the makeup that you mentioned in the
    link/info box ;(

  • millsy mills 5 years ago

    Hi I’ve just recently subscribed to your blog after seeing your River
    Island style shoot, I’ve learned a lot from you in regards to make up. I’m
    41 and have just started wearing it so it’s all new and exciting! LOL. I
    have fallen in love with MAC but I have also shopped for cheaper things
    too. Thanks for your advice and keep up the good work, you are a pleasure
    to watch and your approach is perfect, don’t change a thing.

  • ClaireLiseExplainsItAll ! 5 years ago

    how do you get your edges to look SO sleek? tell me your secrets please! :) 

  • Mayra Figueroa 5 years ago

    U look like nicky manaj

  • Monica McCullough 5 years ago

    I love the lip color shade that you’re currently wearing. What color is
    it, and who is it by?

  • Kathleen Reid 5 years ago

    this video is very intimidating for the first time makeup user…this is a
    makeup starter kit for the more professional user

  • Cotton Twins 5 years ago

    Ughh, you’re so beautiful! This video was very informative.

  • Elle lovely 5 years ago

    So darn BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • christabella201 5 years ago

    Do you work for MAC? I work for them and I don’t even use so much of their
    products.. WOW!! If you have any drugstore brands or are familiar with any
    drugstore brands that you use you should do a video on that for some of
    your viewers. That would be more realistic.

  • April Liggons 5 years ago

    You kind of look like Jordin Sparks , very pretty