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To remove foundation makeup use baby wipes and toner. Learn to remove foundation with help from a professional freelance makeup artist in this free video on …

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  • ChemicalNinjaHorse 4 years ago

    i use neutrogena deep clean oil free makeup remover wipes for my face, theyre awesome :O then i use l’oreal clean artiste oil free eye makeup remover, its soooo gentle, perfect for eyes. i have really sensitive skin, the wipes are a little intense in scent but as long as you dont get them in your eyes its fine lol but the l’oreal is SO gentle, its perfect. thanks for this video!

  • stickinss 4 years ago

    so you clean your foundation with baby oil ? What type is your skin ? I have very sensitive mixed skin and i just have no idea what to use to remove my face make up …):

  • shamekacostabile 4 years ago

    You happen to be rather cute, thanks for your video clip. it can be sad im living within Park Forest considering that i cannot find great makeup, then again i find no fee samples of makeup from “Gratis Makeup Samples”. i absolutely adore Maybelline cosmetics!

  • WonderWomanFan4life 4 years ago

    What/?/ please … I wouldnt let her touch my face. If you have THICK skin its ok. But for me I could have taken it off faster with Olive OIl, Baby Oil its much FASTER than all that she did. Toner sometimes burns my face because i have to WASH it after that mixed with whatever is on the baby wipes. but at least I learned a different way to remove it

  • cashmerekc 4 years ago

    i use baby wash ( like baby body wash) then wash my face with a regular cleaner then toner

  • kellycappuchino101 4 years ago

    The model looks like a man.

  • NataPunka 4 years ago

    -_- whaaaat?