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(Level: General) During the recent IMATS Toronto, I did a class and demo on using brushes. Little that I know, the products I used were not “Photo Friendly”….

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  • rosa rios 2 years ago


  • ilycutie1098 2 years ago

    @luvmyvball09 the makeup makes her look like a whore. good call.

  • nez491 2 years ago

    i just want to know, if i use green or blue eyeshadow, does it works good
    on flash?

  • fatchickendance 2 years ago

    Does modern dslr still makes that kind of motor sounds?

  • Leenie S 2 years ago

    Her photos came out amazing

  • mybabblespace 2 years ago

    Could anybody tell me where I can buy Ben Nye products?

  • rumah1988 2 years ago

    cute girl

  • Paloma Montenegro 2 years ago

    she talks too much

  • waleedaziz 2 years ago

    lovely thank you so much

  • Mike Stevens 2 years ago

    Great educational video. Thank you for sharing.

  • Sarah Prather 2 years ago

    What would you suggest for a foundation thats more accessable? (Like from
    sephora or a make-up counter like chanel or lancome, etc. in the states)?

  • ticonael 2 years ago

    great video! love it..

  • waleedaziz 2 years ago

    lovely thank you so much.

  • Lani Shetler 2 years ago

    I reallly like this look ! I’m gunna try it tomorrow (:

  • Elessa Jade | Pursebuzz 2 years ago

    @EverAfterCosmetics yes :) 2011 click on the link above :)

  • breauna villarreal 2 years ago

    omg amazing!!!

  • Wendy Banner 2 years ago

    Love you and Elessa! I posted our pictures on my blog, so if you want to
    see them I’ll send you the link. Make sure you come to next year’s IMATS so
    that I can keep the tradition of getting pics with you guys going! :)

  • Hayli Levy 2 years ago

    looks like the girl was gettin on his nerves …. u can see it in his face

  • Kat Domingo 2 years ago

    It would be hard to clean fall outs under the eye if you apply foundation
    first. It would even create a dark under eye i guess.

  • zadidoll 2 years ago

    For stage makeup, such as beauty pageants, how do you compensation for the
    funky colors in the stage lights? Last year my daughter competed at a local
    pageant and had this fantastic orange sherbet color dress… the stage
    lights had a weird color which caused not just her dress to look a
    completely different color but everyone else. As a result the makeup on her
    looked horrible. So how would you compensate the makeup in such situations?

  • angel a 2 years ago

    wow!!! that was really really pretty!!!!

  • M Devi 2 years ago

    she looks like a bombshell!!!!

  • Mel Murphy 2 years ago

    Love you Koren!

  • BeautyOnABudget 2 years ago

    Great video! Thanks Koren! What do you suggest for photography in natural
    lighting without flash?

  • Jorgiee Christianos 2 years ago

    Typically, makeup artists start with the eye-makeup first (especially if
    they are doing a really dark look, like a smokey eye) so that if there is
    any fall out from the shadows, it can easily be easily removed without
    removing all the under-eye concealer and makeup up (and then having to redo
    it). x

  • iamcarolmiley 2 years ago

    as always thank you so much for the information. I always look forwards to
    your videos

  • fashionmonster911 2 years ago

    i like your hair

  • anni marie 2 years ago

    U are adorable = ) i love it!

  • PrimeStar 2 years ago

    she looks amazing!!!

  • BeautyBunnyx 2 years ago

    Wow that is so pretty :) Love it <3 x

  • Cutesx3x3 2 years ago

    was she suppose to be talking lol?

  • Valerie Eight 2 years ago

    Elessa looks stunning in those pictures towards the end! :D She’s beautiful

  • Y Wallace 2 years ago

    Thanks for the great information! Great tutorial!

  • kalynaable 2 years ago

    Keep worming Asian girls # #

  • 99685alexandra 2 years ago

    Did u use a matte highlight colour in the inner eye or shimmer would be
    fine too?

  • t0MaToe 2 years ago

    thanks for the tips :] the makeup looks nice but her hair looks kinda oily

  • thetalldancer 2 years ago

    omg pursebuzz is beautiful!!! especially in those pics at the end!

  • maggso0 2 years ago

    She’s really… bright.

  • SuperChocolatechocol 2 years ago

    OMG this girl is so beautiful!! <3

  • trixyt4 2 years ago

    @msducklyn all depends on the artist. :) Go to different artists, ask to
    see photos of their work. Show them pictures of what you like or want, so
    they know what you’re looking for. Tell them what you like, don’t like. Get
    them to do it before the wedding to see if you like it. Like a

  • Garten260 2 years ago

    Was this shot a while ago? If it was really recent, today or yesterday, I’m
    glad to know that Elyssa isn’t sick anymore <3

  • iheartbabylove 2 years ago

    you are a true make up artist koren! hope you can do my make up one day!
    hahaha! dreAMING… <333

  • eva short 2 years ago

    Would you say that foundations like, revlons photo ready are not a good
    pick for photos (with flash).. like on a girls night out ?? And what can i
    do if my eyebrows always look shine at the end of night and of course show
    even more on pictures?

  • kim lomavita 2 years ago

    Thanks Koren!… Ok.. so every time i tried to listen in on which
    foundations was camera friendly, my computer would totally skip out on me..
    so, if its not too much to ask, could you please let me know which
    foundations are good for photography. I’m mostly in the field of bridal
    makeup as well as beauty shots! (i think i caught Yabby cosmetics??? was
    that right??)

  • X. Alexandria 2 years ago

    @RainbowSodaPop Absolutely! And don’t forget celebrity makeup artist Kandee
    Johnson! <3

  • ColorDivaPRDR 2 years ago

    She looked FANTASTIC!!! This was awesome info… invaluable really! Thank