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The best professional tips for teen makeup! Learn how to apply lipstick for light, natural makeup in this free cosmetics video. Expert: Jenny Karl Bio: Jenny…

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  • WyeSun 4 years ago

    She looks like Josh Hutcherson…=)

  • charlotte13victoria 4 years ago

    She looks so much like this certain actress on What Would You Do?

  • beauty0riot 4 years ago

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  • Anita Lawrence 4 years ago

    i bet they are lesbians

  • Hannah Curzon 4 years ago

    :D Thanks :D 

  • alakah32 4 years ago

    omG my bf just broke up with me! i am soOOo sad! 2 get back at him i will strip on webcam

  • hellhala952 4 years ago

    im a lipstick girl =]