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With a glowy healthy skin, the key to this look is really to keep it simple by using the same method with colours. Don’t go higher than your eyelid on the ou…

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  • Willow Bacon 4 years ago

    :) There, I smiled!

  • queenxola16 4 years ago

    Thank you. You explained everything perfectly.

  • rachel sawggie 4 years ago

    My favorite part was the earrings! LOL! Mustache :{

  • Natalya k 4 years ago

    The power of makeup(:

  • TheLele2903 4 years ago

    Beautyful makeup ! Very nice ;) I’m subscrivers in your 2 channels ;) (Bon j’avoue je parle pas trop anglais e voulais juste laisser un petit com’s, bisous :p) ! <3

  • Elke Batista 4 years ago

    I loved!!!
    This is my favourite look of makeup o/
    Kisses ;)

  • LaetiproMakeUp 4 years ago

    OH!! thank you so much!!! this is a very wearable look for all eye shape and colour! thank you for your comment have a fab day!!

  • Genie K 4 years ago

    wow, this is my favourite kind of make up:) so pretty, i love it!:)

  • LaetiproMakeUp 4 years ago

    si si jen ai! prkoi?

  • LaetiproMakeUp 4 years ago

    <3 bisous !!!!

  • LaetiproMakeUp 4 years ago

    yes! exactly what i wanted for this look!!

  • LaetiproMakeUp 4 years ago

    oh! merciii! des bisous!

  • LaetiproMakeUp 4 years ago

    thanks a lot!!! have a fab day!

  • LaetiproMakeUp 4 years ago

    thnak you for commenting!!!!! you made my day!! xxx

  • LaetiproMakeUp 4 years ago

    thank you so muh !

  • pinksosso 4 years ago

    Dis moi Laeti .. tu n’as aucun produit “Réserve Naturelle” ?… j’aime trop leur rouge à lèvres.. si tu peux essayes les !

  • pinksosso 4 years ago

    Troooo jolie….. bisous à toi et bb laeti !

  • ccnova25 4 years ago

    Nice and easy!

  • AplusB Cedille 4 years ago

    T’es magnifique dans cette vidéo !

  • 28Ramy 4 years ago

    thx , very nice 

  • Ines Baccar 4 years ago

    soooooooooo beautiful !!!

  • loulette131 4 years ago

    very very beautiful makeup!!:)