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makeup tutorial for brown eyes makeup tutorial for beginners makeup tutorial for black women makeup tutorial for teenagers makeup tutorial gone wrong makeup …

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  • Maria Lopez 4 years ago
  • SmoochBoosh 4 years ago

    Why does it say ‘makeup for black women’ ‘makeup tutorial gone wrong’ I get
    that you want views but misleading tags are just annoying

  • Rock Candy Makeup 4 years ago

    i did not like this tutorial because u can define the different colors in
    the eyeshadow it looked like u applied them all in one same place.

  • Talisa S. 4 years ago

    you shouldn’t put misleading pictures and tags. not cool

  • Rock Candy Makeup 4 years ago

    you dont apply blush in a circular motion unless u want to be a clown jut

  • Red-Headed Gamer Girl 4 years ago

    Your makeup is way to dark and you dab it on dont smear it with a perfectly
    good powder brush

  • Angelina Jolly 4 years ago

    seriously?? you are just a sad pathetic human being

  • Sarah Adam 4 years ago

    you ruined my lifes 4:39 minutes! -__-

  • Savannah Caroline 4 years ago

    I just uploaded a naked 3 palette tutorial. If you could subscribe it would
    mean the world to me. If not it’s totally fine xoxo