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March favorites.


Makeup For Party



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  • melissa sharma 4 years ago

    Your so funny! I luv u!

  • PhuckHue2 4 years ago


  • dolly p 4 years ago

    which channel?

  • Lady N 4 years ago

    YSL’s Manifesto: LOVE LOVE LOVE^^

  • nenadulce27 4 years ago

    great vid! can u do a tutorial on your eye look?? plz n ty!! <3

  • ourloveforfashion 4 years ago

    hey jovita :) nice favorites you mentioned :) what a cute kitty :) and the way the kitty was biting on your finger…..eeeee so cute!! :D we see a lot of common subscribers here and found your channel :) we also have a channel so check us out and subscribe if you would like to :) we just posted our indian ootd for the new year. xo :) nice to meet ya :)

  • kittyleigh007 4 years ago

    In love with your kitten

  • ShadyMia 4 years ago

    Ohh happy (much) belated bday! :D ♥
    You are right about the artificial sweeteners too :) Definitely a good thing to stay away from!

  • ChillBeauty 4 years ago

    Love this March favorites video!! Great job girls !

  • Ann Kukku 4 years ago


  • gautamshirin 4 years ago

    Hey belated happy birthday …:))…the vs perfume that your sister gifted u…does it comes under love spell range…or is it a body mist..??

  • Shawn King 4 years ago


  • LadyEMC2TV 4 years ago

    I want that Ysl manifesto. It smells so good. You are very pretty. I love your accent too.

  • Ambo B 4 years ago

    hey u! ur my fav :)

  • Ambo B 4 years ago

    wtf? do u go around everyones vids and comment bullshit? wat do u mean by freshie? bitch are u a hater?

  • SHEPI begum 4 years ago

    R u a freshi? But ur very pretty

  • J Dolani 4 years ago

    You’re very lovely! Cute kitten!

  • Veronica Ortega 4 years ago

    Thanks for the video. You’re kitten is adorable. Can’t wait for your upcoming vids.

  • Deeksha Shivan 4 years ago

    Belated B’day dear..and as always nice video

  • Barcababe Payne 4 years ago

    I missed u…Happy Belated Birthday.