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do men hate women with short hair??? SUPPORT THE HODGETWINS BY SHOPPING AT: Links To Watch Other Hodgetwins Videos: Girlfriend’s Weird Sexual Fantasy …

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  • DutchessSarahJ 4 years ago

    Why do you care? I cut all my hair off. Amber Rose status now and I love
    it. I get compliments all the time but I did it because of maintenance.
    Curly Afro hair is high maintenance and ain’t nobody got time for dat!
    Then I’ll get: “I love your hair but I can’t do that?”
    Why? You can do whatever the F*CK you wanna do! 

  • Alex Jerome 4 years ago

    Fucking beginning had me rolling 

  • Распутин Григорий 4 years ago

    Floydddd Monkeyyyy Mayyyweatherrr

  • Kryptonian Saiyan 4 years ago

    I think women with short hair are sexy as hell. It makes you pay more
    attention to their face.

  • ᎫᎯЅᎾℕ ℳ. 4 years ago

    Too much 4head action…like Tyra Banks ?? Lol 

  • pussy destroyer 4 years ago

    When the hair touches the shoulders is the minimum for me. There’s
    exceptions of course.

  • glaze thedounut 4 years ago

    actually I DONT prefer any type of hair. as long as your cute then it’s
    fine with me long or short

  • Andréas Remis 4 years ago

    You guys should make a video about living with braces. I want to get them.
    Is flossing a real pain? I expect that’s the worst part.

  • kevante1 4 years ago

    Ok people, we are off focus!!!! Our priorities are not straight, we need to
    get back on track!!!! It does not matter whether a woman’s hair is long or
    short!!! Regardless of the hair preference, what is most imperative is if
    these women are receiving their daily intake of CREAMPIE ACTION!!!! Some of
    you out there have this tunnel vision about hair length, leading to an
    obscured focus!!! CREAMPIE ACTION IS THE BIG FOCUS, people need to remind
    themselves of that fact, and you are not alone because I have to keep
    reminding myself constantly of that fact as well!!!

  • Bradley Wilson 4 years ago

    Some girls look good with short hair but some is key word, most just look
    like they want to go muff diving with you 

  • Nereālais Ozoliņš 4 years ago

    I hope Pacman wins, but my brain says Floyd got this.

  • Creepy Pedro 4 years ago

    I like bald girls bcuz it reminds me of wen my papi used to mak fuk to my
    anus wen i was baby

  • Tahanis Life 4 years ago

    They’re soo creepy when they look at the pictures 

  • azad alam 4 years ago

    I would really apprecaite if you guys…english cannot be your first

  • SiLenTuce808 4 years ago

    Imo… Girls look better with long hair. Only a few females can pull off
    the really short hair look like haley berry. But long hair looks better
    hands down

  • killeen610tx 4 years ago

    I hate the look of medium/ shoulder length hair.. Short or long is fine
    with me 

  • SpeedFreak 4 years ago

    I think mixed raced curly hair is the most attractive

  • Timothee25 4 years ago

    Long blonde hair. Yuuuuuup!

  • sregi22 4 years ago

    IF YOU FINE, THEN YOU FINE. That sums it up. 

  • Ryan Chilia 4 years ago

    First comment and first view

  • Kaoutar Daoudi 4 years ago

    Sahara means desert :) beautiful name

  • tyuy100 4 years ago

    I always prefer long hair. Short hair doesn’t look right on girls, and all
    my male friends agree and even some of my female friends prefer long hair.

  • Chris Garcia 4 years ago

    Ears that stick out somewhat is kinda cute

  • chillhomie7 4 years ago

    Long hair is always preferred whether its a big afro or some lower back
    action its preferred but there ALWAYS exceptions

  • Rhyse Kayne 4 years ago

    As long as it looks good. Audrey Hepburn, Shailene Woodely, Emma Watson
    looked good with short hair. Then you got Tinashe, Gabrielle Union and/or
    Halle Berry Lawd

  • Jerry McCrary 4 years ago

    I like long hair…hair cant be shorter than my beard