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Just a quick tutorial on how I do my foundation routine! Hey, guys need makeup too! #noshame Follow me on Instagram: @ajoday Like My FB Page:…

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  • Maxime Béland 4 years ago

    Jonghyun face here!

  • Chimeng Xiong 4 years ago

    So, I tried this, I took a before and after picture. You could really tell that I had make up on! :o Either this is a bad tutorial.. Or I have bad makeup skills.. T_T I think it’s me since your so perf. Lolol

  • Ren Dot 4 years ago

    rofl at the memoir of a geisha remarks

  • Abbie J 4 years ago

    you are adorable!! i just subscribed to you!

  • ImotayExysa 4 years ago


  • Cutesokha29 4 years ago


  • Tomas Gaspar 4 years ago

    0:01 – 0:13

  • emtybbo 4 years ago

     you have a really nice and clean skin! I’m jealous… > <

  • HonJoyce 4 years ago

    The colour of your face and neck doesn’t really match…

  • haley lysyk 4 years ago

    were are you from?? and my friend showed me your youtube videos and he found you on tumlr

  • iMykalzz 4 years ago

    yasss you look mad good! the only thing I don’t agree with is the application of the makeup, like where the brushes at boi! lol but yeah you look great!

  • EricDimsum 4 years ago

    Where do you get all of your makeup?

  • Danielle S 4 years ago

    i love you!!! and you face… before and after!!

  • Moochie589 4 years ago

    just came across your vids, think I found a great new channel!

  • Danny Phan 4 years ago

    perfect skin & editing!

  • Minjae Woo 4 years ago

    Woah! Careful with applying your concealer!! :O You just want to lightly dab/pat, never try to smudge it in or rub it like that! It’s very bad for your skin especially near your eyes since you’ll get eye wrinkles easier~ But overall nice routine :D It’s nice to know that men take care of their skin just as we girls do ;) More tutorials in the future? :D

  • AJ O'Day 4 years ago

    that means i either have perfect skin, or really bad makeup skills!

  • bucket rice 4 years ago

    I don’t see the difference LOL!!!

  • AJ O'Day 4 years ago

    haha i get that a lot but I don’t do em!

  • AJ O'Day 4 years ago

    thank you! but don’t be fooled by my good lighting haha

  • AJ O'Day 4 years ago

    i will soon! haha no they’re natural!

  • AJ O'Day 4 years ago

    thank youuuu :)

  • AJ O'Day 4 years ago


  • AJ O'Day 4 years ago

    thank you! your channel is dope :)

  • AJ O'Day 4 years ago


  • AJ O'Day 4 years ago

    Thank you! I tried to make it as quick as possible!

  • amb817 4 years ago

    You are cute and I love your smile:) Nice tutorial and very simple for someone that doesn’t have a lot of time in the morning to get ready

  • baabysmiLes 4 years ago

    AJ you so purrrttyyyyyy! HAHA

  • Kelvin Diapo 4 years ago

    U filipino? :) 

  • Kelvin Diapo 4 years ago

    Y U SO PURTY AJ? :) 

  • ThePetiteChic 4 years ago

    i think i love you omg youre so freaking adorable :3

  • CurlyBabe132 4 years ago

    You are soo adorable ^-^

  • DiiJaeProductions 4 years ago

    You are too cute!

  • benvwin 4 years ago

    Awesome!! Hey AJ can you do a tutorial on how you keep/get your teeth so white?! :)

    Please don’t tell me it’s veneers haha

  • King Vallester 4 years ago

    You really like to make faces don’t you? :P 

  • Eva Chung 4 years ago

    Wow! your skin looks amazing before and after. I feel like guys usually have better skin and less eye bags than girls LOL. More guys needs to be like you though! #noshame! Ain’t nothing wrong with make up!

  • RoninOroko 4 years ago

    Hey, your nails are really pink too! Everyone thinks I always have on pink nail polish.

  • Andrea Mulato 4 years ago

    Perfect face and eyebrows!