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Mens short hair inspiration! In this tutorial we show you how to get a Josh Duhamel inspired hairstyle (famous actor/celeb). Haircut & styling by Slikhaar Studio. ☆ Shop online! http://www.Slikh…

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  • CGB7RANDOmTOPs 3 years ago

    Why don’t you guys do long hairstyles anymore? I have being subscribe for
    almost 3+ or maybe 4+ years, Im not sure, you guys used to do all type of
    hairstyle buy recently all the hairstyles you have done are very similar,
    they are short on the sides, and long at the top, and they are just
    different variations.

  • V4NS CLAN 3 years ago

    I always ask every video for Slikhaar to use my idea of a hairstyle by the
    YouTuber Josh Leyva, but they seem to not give one shit about their
    subscribers’ opinion. Amazing. 

  • Zarik Cross 3 years ago

    Why do all the waxes they use look so creamy, I bought a silver fox and the
    wax that they use (obviously not the gold digger) looks nothing like mine.
    Does any one have any ideas on how to make it softer

  • blueknight1109 3 years ago

    What are the benefits of the shampoo and conditioner (by villain)? 

  • Slikhaar TV 3 years ago

    Men’s short hair style – Josh Duhamel inspired look

  • Arber Hasko 3 years ago

    It looks great, I have 2 years watching Slikhaar TV and following you but
    please I would like a hairstyle by Jean Andre on Slikhaar TV

  • Mattis Yo 3 years ago

    Awsome video guys.

    Slikhaar, here comes a request. Could you do the Paul Wesley from The
    Vampire Diaries Hairstyle 2014? It will be so cool. The audience will love
    that kind of hairstyle, that Paul Wesley has.

    Thanks again for the amazing tutorial video.

    From Mathias

  • Lucas De La Cruz 3 years ago

    Great work guys fantastic you are great one question can you do the Jack
    Wilshire hairstyle or the Marco Reus updated hairstyle and keep up the good
    work and the good hairstyles

  • Carlos Sierra 3 years ago

    Amazing video guys. I like it.

  • Zé Pequeño 3 years ago

    Danish people look so tall what the fuck they eat 

  • Aleksandar Vukovic 3 years ago

    I dont know if you saw my comment on your previous video becouse you didn’t
    reply but it seems like you did saw it. Thanks for listening to your
    subscribers. And as always keep up the great work. :D 

  • SeeDSification 3 years ago

    Where is your studio located ? Still in Denmark ?

  • IovanniAvilesTV 3 years ago

    Do you guys ship to the U.S.?

  • frank sherman 3 years ago

    Hey, hairs looking great keep it up, have you any tips on how to make my
    hair more manageable? My hairs thick and curly, no where near as curly as
    man’s on the video that you made. Anyway keep up the good work and carry on
    making some amazing footage!

  • Tobitob 3 years ago

    A very easy and “normal” hairstyle, but good Video guys!
    I think your products are great! I’m excited of the by Vilain Blow!

    I asked it a few weeks ago, but it would be very nice if you do an Nick
    Bateman hairstyle video! 

  • Nicolas Chaves 3 years ago

    Slikhaar! I can purchase your products from argentina?

  • Dennis Dubbeld 3 years ago

    Can you do a Graziano pelle hairstyle ? (Southampton)

  • william lönnegren 3 years ago

    can you guys please do a graziano pelle hairstyle? it looks dope and i am
    planning on getting one! :D 

  • miguelof77 3 years ago

    Great video as always. Can you make Jensen Ackles hairstyle please.

  • zack wer 3 years ago

    Lionel Messi hairstyle please guys

  • David P 3 years ago

    So 2004

  • Thetrolla70345 3 years ago

    Can you do a van persie hairstyle

  • Yaeven 3 years ago

    That nigga handsome as fuck, that shit ain’t doing me no favors if I try.

  • Win Will 3 years ago

    Hi slikhaar team, can you do more hair tutorial using by vilain Blow and
    show us more how to mix with other by vilan product, it will be awesome

  • Kider Cuder 3 years ago

    What do you guys suggest for us/me with the “sharp” hair. It’s really hard
    to style. All i can do is really short on sides and bit more on top but
    can’t do anything fancy… Is there any tip or anything i can do? 

  • Muhammad Tariq 3 years ago


  • kinaba22 3 years ago

    Sus productos son muy buenos saludos desde colombia :D 

  • Tomas Hernandez Avila 3 years ago

    Mauricio Pinilla Hairstyle please! (Brazil 2014)

  • westfield90 3 years ago

    Excellent cut 

  • Martin Molinas 3 years ago

    Cool video!

  • Jorge Rodriguez 3 years ago

    I think this will fit me. Nice haircut!

  • fernando urbina 3 years ago

    Do Sergio Ramos’ hairstyle

  • Felipe Loria 3 years ago

    Katerina Horfmann <3

  • luqman haris 3 years ago

    Niall horan hairstyle please