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Choose from several of our Valentine’s Day Hairstyles, here: Time for another Valentine’s Day Hairsty…

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  • Evelyn Ramos 4 years ago

    Hi Mindy! I was wondering if you can do another hair care routine? I know
    you have one up already but I was wondering if you can do an updated
    version? Love the hairstyle it’s so beautiful! STAY FAB!❤️

  • Cute Girls Hairstyles 4 years ago

    It’s nearly ❤’s Day again & we have another heart hairstyle for u!
    #CGHMermaidHeartBraid Share it if u LOVE it!

  • Carissa Odom 4 years ago

    Kamri has gotten so big I remember when she said on the counter in the

  • Samatha Dockstader 4 years ago

    It’s nearly ❤’s Day again & we have another heart hairstyle for u!
    #CGHMermaidHeartBraid Share it if u LOVE it!

  • Louie Sonia Sweeney 4 years ago

    Gotta try this on my lil girl this Valentine’s Day

    #SoCute #CuteGirlHairstyles #ValentinesDay

    Mermaid Heart Braid | Valentine’s Day Hairstyles:

  • Julannie Abreu 4 years ago

    Kamri is starting to really look like the twins
    Anybody else agree with me ?? They look kinda the same 

  • Amy North 4 years ago

    What grade are B&B in?

  • Abbey Glancey 4 years ago

    What make up does kamri wear? I know you mentioned mascara a few videos ago
    but I was wondering what else?!

  • Purple Pickles 4 years ago

    Kamri is starting to look more and more like Brooklyn and Bailey!

  • ilykarina 4 years ago

    How are you so gorgeous?! ILY xx and stay fab!

  • Creativity Crew 4 years ago

    Are u coming to utah anytime soon????

  • Amy North 4 years ago

    Will Kamri get a YouTube channel hen she is 13? I hope so….I love her so
    much. Please respond to my comment it would mean the world to me. 

  • Zoliebee 4 years ago

    Those girls are so lucky, I love when people play with my hair

  • Jeremy Turner 4 years ago

    My name is Ritia Turner and im on my brother account and my birthday is on
    Valentines Day and im thinking of doing this hairstyle on my hair its so
    cool i love your hair styles Mindy they are so creative

  • Zahraa Alfartousi 4 years ago

    Hey hi Mindy! I love all the hairstyles you do! But can you make a
    hairstyle that looks like a hunter hairstyle? I got interested in those
    from a series of Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan. Thank you! Love Zahraa

  • Daniella Mendoza 4 years ago

    Hi I love your videos and I just recently cut my hair and donated it to
    locks of love and I would really love it and it would help me a lot if you
    could do a couple hairstyles for shoulder length hair please and thank you

  • Amelia Atkins 4 years ago

    Thanks for this tutorial I love this hairstyle, I’m going to do this on my
    friend for Valentine’s Day xx love it so muchhh

  • Tejal Shania Kala 4 years ago

    Wow Kamri has gotten older! (Obviously) I was just watching a really old
    video and it is so nice to see your family, and your channel grow! +Cute
    Girls Hairstyles you are amazing!

  • Rosy hernandez 4 years ago

    Hello! i hope i am not late. My question is why don’t you want to do a
    house tour? i seen sooooo many comments for years about doing a house tour.
    why don’t you? please respond! it will make my day!

  • Heather Edwards 4 years ago

    Would it be hard to do this on yourself

    Please reply thanks 

  • DIY Luv 4 years ago

    Dear Mindy,
    You are my favorite youtubers ever! You guys are such an inspiration. I
    always look forward to your videos and I just want to say thank you

  • Samantha Lien 4 years ago

    Would you guys ever consider doing a meet and greet in Boston! We’d love
    to have you! +Cute Girls Hairstyles 

  • Nadia Renteria 4 years ago

    Your daughter looks older wow 

  • Devon4 4 years ago

    Hi Mindy! I’m Alli from Devon4. I hope I’m not too late for power hour!!
    Great tutorial! Kamri is so beautiful and has the best hair for tutorials!!
    Could you do another tutorial on Rylan soon? I’ve really been missing
    those! If you find the time please respond it’ll 100% make my day! :) 

  • Bella LPS TV 4 years ago

    Hey Mindy! Could you do a video on how you curl/ what you use to curl.

  • Maddie Macpherson 4 years ago

    Mindy why are you letting her wear mascara she looks beautiful but she also
    looks weierd please dont make her wear that it looks weird

  • dearpastme 4 years ago

    My friend and I just collaborated on a makeup look and advice for being
    SINGLE on Valentine’s Day that would go *PERFECT* with this hairstyle and
    we would LOVE for you to check it out! It’s up on my channel if you are
    interested! Thank you!

    xoxo Katie

  • eric cruz 4 years ago

    You are a great hairstyle 

  • Cutie202fication 4 years ago

    “I’m just going put in a red bow.” *comes back with a white bow* Lol, I’m
    kidding. Beautiful hairstyle ❤️

  • Grinsekatze782002 4 years ago

    The hairstyles is cool but is the little wearing mascara???