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SUBSCRIBE to my NEW YouTube Channel: Michelle Phan has a new hair color I gave her and I want to share it with you. I want to sho…

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  • Mahogany Dee 4 years ago

    I dont fuck with Phan.

  • maybenotserious 4 years ago

    you are a hair wizard

  • Her hair is so thick O.O

  • Lindi Liang 4 years ago

    I seriously wish you could do my hair >.<

  • Kirika Uchiha 4 years ago

    I would love to have this pink ombre hair… Anyone know which hair salon
    can do this in NYC? 

  • Courtney Kirk 4 years ago

    I’m half Vietnamese half white! As soon as I heard you two speaking I got
    super excited lol

  • thanh huy vo 4 years ago

    Guy Tang I liked him speak Vietnamese.i love ombre

  • NarumiChIan 4 years ago

    I want my hair done by you do bad ;(

  • Abba Hito 4 years ago

    Guy Tang what did u put in her route?

  • Brenda Santillán 4 years ago

    I want that colour as a permanent one!

  • Lynn Lunar 4 years ago

    I love you so much! and I just started watching your videos.

  • Joyce D. 4 years ago

    I’m so amazed with the result of your client Michelle hair color that I
    watched in the video. I wish that I will experience it too. My worry I have
    to be honest with you if I’m able to afford it. Well I love the way you
    relationship with your clients treat them as your friend too. 

  • jenny lee cota campos 4 years ago

    make a video with the romantic rose gold i am in love with this color!!! 

  • Lain V 4 years ago

    The lambily is just drawn to each other <3 you two

  • rhinestonedust 4 years ago

    I think I saw this on pinterest, fell in love instantly and now I really
    really really want it!

  • Znake Cheng 4 years ago

    Where can I get that leather bracelet?

  • Lauren Sharp 4 years ago

    IS THAT A COTTON CANDY FRAP I SEE! Cotton candy frap=my Bae ♡

  • Daphne Wang 4 years ago

    surgery :) 

  • aika ibraeva 4 years ago

    Guy Tang is cool. Is he half vietnamese half korean or Mish? 

  • Biology 120 4 years ago

    michelle looks retarded

  • Infinite Kiwi 4 years ago

    seriously giving me princess aurora fierceness right now

  • Aishah Hazwan 4 years ago

    cotton candy color perhaps :) 

  • Jeremy Ryan 4 years ago

    Guy is hot

  • Savanah Howard 4 years ago

    Hi I love your work! I’m mixed and I was wondering if you have experience
    with working with ethnic curly hair? Thank you:)

  • julio200497 4 years ago

    he didn’t bleach her hair, did he ?

  • Niki Proboszova 4 years ago

    you have no idea ho much i love your work!!! you are doing realy amazing
    things with hair…i wish i could travel from Czech republic to you and do
    whatever you want to do!!!!!love it

  • Gabriela Acevedo 4 years ago

    Hair porn

  • susan stepina 4 years ago

    Can you please tell me the formula used to create this color.
    Thank you

  • TASHI SALTO 4 years ago


  • Angelica Small 4 years ago

    How did you get that color?! Its absolutly beautiful! 0.o

  • nameinlace 4 years ago


  • Lauren Sim 4 years ago

    Guy Tang is so buff AHAHA <3 amazing 

  • wahiba shr 4 years ago

    OH MY GAAAAAAAAAASH you’re a magician i m really in love with your skills
    your video’s are perfect !! i m so jealouuuuuuuus and sad because there’s
    no talented hairstyler like in France except in Paris :( .. im a fan and i
    love michelle phan !!!!!!! :p

  • Monica Arrow 4 years ago

    I’ve been looking for hairdressers around my area and want to get my hair
    done soon, how do I ask that I want balayage hair? I figured I’d just show
    a picture of what I want but I want to be very sure. Any help is
    appreciated! =-)

  • Cindy Andia 4 years ago

    I totally luuvv youu !!!

  • Winda Purba 4 years ago

    ash brown please, gonna looks good on her ;D

  • riza olaguer 4 years ago

    This vid is so much fun guys. :-) More vids!

  • islamami1 4 years ago

    so Mr. Tang, how can I DIY that “Blush Rose Pink” or “Rose Gold” hair
    color. I live in P.R & want to be the 1st to rock it. Love ur work btw.

  • aleyah k 4 years ago

    how much dos this cost?

  • Margaretha Myranda 4 years ago

    I want my hair done by you. omgg <3

  • Q win 4 years ago

    Hello, I love your work. Can you let me know what’s the name of the oil
    you put on her hair before you dry her hair? Thanks!!

  • Alexa Mucino 4 years ago

    Hiiii ;)
    What color line do you use? For purple, green and blue too?

  • Kim Daguro 4 years ago

    Oh my gosh I love!

  • AmberNC 4 years ago

    Love your energy! As a stylist I appreciate that :) When you get excited
    about what a clients hair it means you love your profession. Yes with the
    towel blot! Never rough it up, roughs up the cuticle. Love your vids keep
    them coming! 

  • Charlotte Roman 4 years ago

    Personally I don’t like that color but I liked the beach sand and your
    stylist is fabulous!

  • erica trujillo 4 years ago

    I love it! What brand is ur 2 inch curling iron I need one in my life

  • Tiana Louise 4 years ago

    Tips on growing your hair out Guy Tang?! Please and thank you!!

  • Yennie Bear 4 years ago

    I’m honestly learning so much about hair..