Added by on May 28, 2013

On a whim, I tried Kroger brand milk of magnesia as a makeup primer and it worked great! Check out the video for more information! I also talk briefly about …

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  • Doyan Ramir 4 years ago

    Oh ok… Cool… Thanks

  • mrsvalu 4 years ago

    Primer will help control oil and help your makeup stay on longer. You don’t have to wear it. I wasn’t because primer is kind of pricey, but this milk of magnesium was cheap so I will be priming my face from now on.

  • Doyan Ramir 4 years ago

    So whenever wearing makeup are you suppose to wear a primer? I rarely wear makeup… but I wanna make sure I am doing it right

  • mrsvalu 4 years ago

    Thanks! You should try it!

  • yg 'u 4 years ago

    Excellent video! Maybe I’ll become a milk of magnesia girl.

  • mrsvalu 4 years ago

    Hey! It worked! I’m sold.

  • Kelsi Waller 4 years ago

    interestingggggg :)