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A lot of makeup products boast having minerals. Good Housekeeping sorts out the hype. Good Housekeeping Video:…


Mineral Makeup



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  • Maya Burgos 4 years ago

    The lady putting on makeup kinda looks like Keira Knightley. Just something I’ve noticed.

  • Yiman Chau 4 years ago


  • ewesiaaa 4 years ago

    and me to :) hihihi

  • makeuptheface 4 years ago

    First of all Bare Minerals is not natural at all and it did give me acne.Bismuth Oxychloride is very unsafe unnatural and it is in bare minerals.

  • Maya Burgos 4 years ago

    bare minerals gave me irritation; I tried one of their blushes, it made redness on my skin. shame though, cus the blush itself looked really pretty! :(

  • Abbas Khan 4 years ago

    shame on u guys ur mother is also woman

  • shredder370 4 years ago

    Me too haha! She’s quite the hotty. :)