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Katherine demonstrates how easily Sterling Minerals Foundation blends in without excessive buffing and how it will absolutely not cake even when she glops it…

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  • debzred 4 years ago

    thanks so mush for this vid it realyy helped me xxx

  • SterlingMinerals 4 years ago

    Oh sorry I guess I missed that part! I’ll place a blurb at bottom of the video to explain but I simply moisturized with our ONATI skin care and then I used Perfect Balance Facial Toner in the spray bottle on the brush and face and the preconcealer was Fiorella foundation in Dewy. I switch from Delicate formulas to Dewy in the hotter summer months….Cheers!

  • conibear45 4 years ago

    thank you so much. i have had a nightmare experience with mineral makeups. like a farmers furrows in plowed land. or it just sticks in splotches. what exactly did you put on your face before applying the mineral powder? did not quite understand that part. thank you.