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using foundation, concealer and blush.


Mineral Makeup


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  • Adventuress Heart 4 years ago

    Yep, their multitasking concealer is magic! Thanks for sharing something about EM in your original comment. I think the only BE I use now is their Queen Phyllis eye shadow and I use it as a highlighter, it is really perfection! Their matte collection was good based on the samples I got but EM is cheaper and better overall IMHO.

  • licoricepirate 4 years ago

    omg! a 5 year old comment … lol i still use EM every day. it’s the best!

  • Adventuress Heart 4 years ago

    I like everyday minerals even better now! I still have this BE container from the video with some left, after all these years! I’ve switched to Everday Minerals as it goes on better and is not sparkly, in fact you can use such a small amount and it doesn’t “fall off”
    For those who don’t like Bare Minerals or it bothers their skin do try EM before you decide it’s not for you.

  • Shea LaRoux 4 years ago

    Yes, I agree! I am a makeup artist so you can trust me on that.

  • Shea LaRoux 4 years ago

    Yes you can! Mabeline is cheap and the best on the market in my opinion. Also would like to say that the lady in the vid is not using very much and this would only work with flawless complexions. Don’t be afraid to use much more. If you think you can’t afford it then you can also make your own and save tons of money. Just do a google search for: making mineral makeup.

  • Jablin Diaz 4 years ago

    This is a new line of mineral makeup, please hit like to our page and help us grow and get know
    facebook dot com/ImazhCosmetics

  • mineralmakeupshop 4 years ago

    Buy inexpensive mineral makeup online

  • fgtyhrtyuityuiftj 4 years ago

    Online Latino women here who can trust

  • prenilicious 4 years ago

    i use the same,and its really good!!!

  • hoppyhugs 4 years ago

    its better to start with a tiny amount and if itsmnot enough add more than to just throw a ton on your face and waste it you can always add, but to remove you have to completely start over.

  • Alfonsinas80 4 years ago

    haha this is the lamest video ever!!

  • selfagainstself123 4 years ago

    I swear i thought the same thing, but when I actually went to use the makeup, i was amazed that it actually covered marks. I still use a concealer though, but only if i have a blemish.

  • inukagtwilightgirl22 4 years ago

    PEOPLE ( i’m not being mean just saying ) i use it every day that small amount is all you need if you need more do it again and same amount and tap off excess it works wonderful for that small amount it last longer too trust me that is all you need watch the dvd if you get started kit.

  • natesmom2244 4 years ago

    umm for those of you who haven’t tried mineral makeup yet, you have to use more than what she showed like 3 times more than that!

  • thezoed 4 years ago

    with mineral makeup you really do use a tiny amount like that.

  • Adventuress Heart 4 years ago

    Yes, I was thinking the same thing but they work really nice, so long as the lighting is good.

  • clugalugs 4 years ago

    i think u should have let us see u put it on ur face!
    but like ur voice tho it was reli calming!

  • KindaSparkly 4 years ago

    … why dont you put it on your face this is ridiculous..

  • Lakishia 4 years ago

    wow girl you hardly use anything, that bottle will last longer!

    lol but I would like to see your face as well :)

  • Jaquelyne86 4 years ago

    I really like the makeup its very light and natural

  • gillymr 4 years ago

    Samples of mineral makeup can be got from Ebay…seller on Mineral Beauty Colours shop. No talc, bismuth, kaolin or fillers.

  • heavenly91321 4 years ago

    yes, mineral makeup contains the minerals that our bodies need but don’t always get from the food we eat! Heavenly Boutique, Ltd is the best one out there. They have 100% minerals, no fillers.

  • tisgemuh 4 years ago

    Bare Minerals kinda sucks. There’s this make-up called Joppa Minerals, and it’s amazing. I think everyone here should try the samples–they’re like three bucks, and they last like at least a month. But, yeah…totally life-changing make-up and it’s more natural than Bare Minerals.

    But um…I apply it right after I mouisterize (because I like to have a “dewy” look), and in pictures my skin looks fierce, and it actually doesn’t look dewy.

  • Maya Burgos 4 years ago

    Lancome’s Photogenic Pressed or Loose Powder will do!

  • javomar87 4 years ago

    U kno what I had a photo shoot last week, n I use the mineral power by maybelline, and its not that bad, its good, I did not had to get photoshop lol, but the bad this is that its vey sheer, and it does not last had to reaply over and over again, its a good, compare to bare essentials, and the other minerals,

  • Ivy C 4 years ago

    Are there any foundations or mineral powders that actually make you look good in photos?

  • twinkylovescandy 4 years ago

    Depends on Mica…
    Mica can clog your pores and make you break out.

  • javomar87 4 years ago

    thats so true, it does not work good under high intense light, like a flash

  • GetTheLook365 4 years ago

    Imgonnacook, thank you sooo much for making this tut. This one’s going straight to my favorites!

  • GetTheLook365 4 years ago

    It won’t break you out. They say you can even sleep in it. Mineral makeup naturally has SPF 15. Once you get the hang of applying it, you’ll love it!

  • misakcp 4 years ago

    hey does mineral makeup make u break out more or it will peel of ur skin later on when u get older can someone message me and tell me more about it cuz i want to buy sheercover or luminessair… and i dont want to mess up my skin after usin it! thnx ^^

  • BroadwayStAr1nce 4 years ago

    too bad its only UK yours

  • Rose Wu 4 years ago

    i want this but can’t afford it

  • indiumB 4 years ago

    mine doesn’t have any bismuth in either.
    How do you use enough to actually get a result but not enough to do what i described?

  • hipn0tik 4 years ago

    Can you do a video of how you apply it? I just bought the stuff and i think i’m doing it all wrong!

  • princesspeach890 4 years ago

    i bought l’oreals minerals, the stuff penelope cruz models for, and i’ve got to say it works great! and i dont get the little crusties on my face after awhile. less pimples!!

  • Cori B 4 years ago

    I love bare minerals.. it has definitely helped my skin. My face is less pimpley and it love that it covers up my redness!!!! love it!

  • fatgirlgrobie 4 years ago

    i am a wedding makeup artist and i work exclusivly with mineral powders. what you describe is exactly what happens when you use too much and are too heavy handed with the brush. it takes a while to gt the hagn of it,

  • macmakeupartist 4 years ago

    Its actually true, I was watching some videos reading the paper and Magazines, Ive done my research and I found out that Foundations are not to good for your skin, apparently Minerals let your skin breath and is much lighter, personally, I agree.

  • Lubna Zahid 4 years ago

    do u actually get the samples for free…can u tell me the exact website!

  • indiumB 4 years ago

    oh and i meant to add after a couple of hours it congeals into dirty crumbs across my face.

  • indiumB 4 years ago

    Ah mineral make up the next big thing! i fell for this one too> and i have to say yes it does have lots of effects..
    Makes my face itchy and uncomfortable, settles in to my pores and draws attention to how big and clogged they are, emphasises my blemishes, spots and dry areas and shines like wet clay on my cheeks. If i haven’t waxed my top lip in a few days it coats and defines each hair. And as all mineral brands have mice it’s three showers before i stop looking like a glitter ball

  • FilterChecker 4 years ago

    To get the free samples…go to the everyday minerals website. And go to “kits”.
    And Everyday Minerals is a better mineral foundation.

  • bellebutton1 4 years ago


  • mellzthabest 4 years ago

    where can you get samples?

  • Mrip13 4 years ago

    I love bare minerals i have been using it for 2 years and i love it it just makes you look so natural without the cakey feeling!!