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Here is an honest review about certain mineral brands. Hope you enjoy!

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  • hairartist888 4 years ago

    Youngblood is probably one of the best mineral foundations out there. H ave you tried mixing toffee with a darker shade and customize your own color? Sometimes I have to mix my honey with Tawnee. Just a suggestion.

  • Satya Pandey 4 years ago

    YOu should try Glam Girl Naturals. 

  • Natalie Johnson 4 years ago

    I tried the matte formula from BE too and I agree it gives off a pretty dull appearance. The original formula is more dewey.

  • Jan Hooper 4 years ago

    Try Minerals Mate!

  • Jan Hooper 4 years ago

    try the Minerals Mate Application & Mixing Tray. It reduces mess and prevents cross-contamination of your makeup between what you’re using and the makeup in the original container.

  • megha8359 4 years ago

    thank you! and i wish the same thing!

  • Sarah Sumnauth 4 years ago

    Cool video – it was pretty informative and good to hear both the positive and negative aspects about these three brands. I wish there were more colours for women of colour :(

  • xnadiaxaidanx 4 years ago

    I used BE Medium Tan from 04-07, I was ok with it since it didn’t break me out but it looked powedery and tended to get chalky looking. I switched to YB Coffee & I love it! I’ve been using it since 07, I thought coffee would be too dark for me but its not if you blend it right, I use the BE full flawless face brush with it. With BE, I never got any compIiments on my skin but now I do & people ask what my skincare regimen is. My skin looks a lot healthier w/ YB & the color matches wonderfully!

  • megha8359 4 years ago

    iv done many! check out my newer videos =)

  • SCNC23 4 years ago

    you should try doing make up tutorials

  • Marissa stevens 4 years ago

    i love your videos ! and i use bare minerals too and it is really powdery and messy ! my favoite make up brand is probably MAC

  • megha8359 4 years ago

    never heard of that brand! where is it available?

  • Valadezzzz 4 years ago

    ! I still think MUSQ mineral makeups the best though because its the only makeup i can find thats actually got 100% natural ingredients which is way better for ur skin….

  • megha8359 4 years ago

    with mineral makeup its always harder to mix so no i havent tried but i do that all the time with my liquid foundations

  • ModifiedBeautyBabe 4 years ago

    Have you tried mixing the colors in the brands that don’t have your exact shade? I know it’s less convenient and you really shouldn’t have to mix your shade, but it’s probably worth a try anyway.

  • HBFDaily 4 years ago

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  • megha8359 4 years ago

    no but im about to! thanks for the tip girlie!

  • purplefish3 4 years ago

    have you tried afterglow cosmetics mineral foundation? Im fijian and its the makeup that i swear by! The color selection is awesome and the coverage is flawless. Its also organic and doesnt get cakey at all. you might like it. bare minerals made my face really oily, and kind of orangey

  • megha8359 4 years ago

    thank you doll! you should look at my video on how to highlight and contour..thats really the only way to get fab cheekbones!

  • kyooootee 4 years ago

    Dear Megha, I just lovedddd the way you take great time to show us tricks and treat of makeup, I love the way you converse, Your video have helped me a lot, And, You look lot like kareena Kapoor heheh .. Kepp it up… And, I have round chubby face Can you help me have those fab cheekbones and grt face shape through makeup.

  • RockMyRatTail 4 years ago

    Try mixing the colors with youngblood. They are very versatile. I actually use one of youngbloods pro kits and with a more deep complexion I tend to mix colors, they blend beautifully together :D

  • Trang Axtman 4 years ago


  • MsAshleyCrim 4 years ago

    Maybe you should try the Original in BE. Its a lot more glowy and 3-D.

  • megha8359 4 years ago

    thank you doll!

  • megha8359 4 years ago

    thats a good idea! im going to try it out =) thanks!