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check out my blog for the hell of it: and here’s a link to the video for this look:…

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  • Sonialei77 4 years ago

    I’m from the cardboard crayon boxes generation lol You probably wouldn’t
    even know what they are, but yeah… these are way better and recycle my
    kids’ boxes @ the end of the year for misc. stuff that I tuck away in my
    vanity drawer.

  • faerica7 4 years ago

    LOVE the “makeup candies” idea! That’s awesome :)

  • vintageortacky 4 years ago

    I forget to comment ALL THE TIME (or I write one, and forget to press “post
    comment” You’ve VERY talented!

  • Anna Volina 4 years ago

    orange eyeshadows look really awesome on u :D

  • hotpeachjuicy 4 years ago

    Great Ideas! Love your QUICKIES!!!!

  • The Life Of Liz 4 years ago

    ah that first idea is PERFECT. im starting to get a ton of mineral makeup
    as well, and a lot of them have solid tops so i have to store them upside
    down…but some dont have sifters so when i open them it goes EVERYWHERE.
    sooo going to go get one of those pencil boxes next time i go shopping.
    perfect! thanks sooo much for this!

  • Hannah Nevarez 4 years ago

    your makeup here is gorgeous!! totally makes your eyes pop.

  • ILoVeYoUdUdE95 4 years ago

    PLEASEEEEE do a makeup collection videoo ♥ :)

  • XxPiNkTwiLighTxX 4 years ago

    I use the pencil and pen holder for all my samples. I never thought of
    putting the jars in there. thanks for the tip! .

  • LizLovesMakeup 4 years ago

    totally stealing this idea! thanks!

  • Amber Farhat MUA 4 years ago

    haha cute, love the heart storage. I was just wondering how I should store
    my minerals.

  • vintageortacky 4 years ago

    Yeah, I think I’ll be leaving mine alone, HAHA! I think I’m going to get a
    cute sticker for the label!

  • jescra5 4 years ago

    cute ideas i love the candy box soooo cute. i use a craft box with
    different compartments fr all my pigments i put them in color groups…like
    a nerd that i am ;) thanks girlie

  • Kadra Darling 4 years ago

    That lime green box that you keep your loose eyeshadows in, I have the
    exact same one in hot pink that I carry my nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencils in :)

  • vintageortacky 4 years ago

    I thought you might…. So It’s in the shop, walk the walk of shame home
    sucka. Actually, BEA is going to have a video for that

  • couturemusic98 4 years ago

    thats sooo cute! the candy box!!! jacking that idea! =)

  • cheapcharlie13 4 years ago

    I luv your earrings and your eyes are an amazing BLUE:)

  • nessa629 4 years ago

    LOVE the candy box idea! that would be a cute way to sell the eyeshadows

  • Ashley Kissee 4 years ago

    love the candy box idea

  • Lizbeth Romero 4 years ago

    awsome video i use the color pencil boxes as storage =)

  • ndreaftw1989 4 years ago

    That heart candy idea is too cute,

  • NCangemi 4 years ago

    That is absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  • KimiToxxxic 4 years ago

    this was very useful thanks so much it gave me some great ideas for my
    mineral eyeshadows :D

  • vintageortacky 4 years ago

    yeah, but your ass had to walk though International in Oakland!!

  • vintageortacky 4 years ago

    I though you might…. So I slashed your tires sucka!

  • Rae23 4 years ago

    fab idea love!!!

  • sassysunshine01 4 years ago

    yes ma’am! when you have your own cosmetics line, you should use that
    somehow ;D

  • gabby14333 4 years ago

    what broand were the pigments in the crayon box?

  • PsychoBoutofhell 4 years ago

    the chocolate box is so cute. and the eye shadows do look like candyyy.

  • cailin000 4 years ago

    You SHOULD be more FAMOUS on youtube ! You’re So TALENTED….

  • thebeautycrew1 4 years ago

    so that means you know the password to beautyfromtheeaarth or you have to
    send the vidoe 2 them

  • vintageortacky 4 years ago

    yes, apply less of the colors, and apply them dry rather than wet.

  • xxxJoolsxxx 4 years ago

    Love the choc box Idea too cute :0) I have all mine in a large plastic
    storage “really useful box” xxxJoolsxxx

  • Leetah91 4 years ago

    by far the most creative and fun make up storage i’ve ever seen ! i love it