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I wanted to revisit the mineral Makeup concept. I think over my years as a Makeup Artist I have seen too many consumers go with the hype of a particular popu…

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  • nerd637 4 years ago

    How do you feel Laura Mercier mineral makeup?

  • malenagadson88 4 years ago

    What you do when your skin begins to get use to the product

  • Cinn Amon 4 years ago

    Good review. Can you tell me if there has been any known benefits to using mineral makeup or is it basically just another option available. Has it been proven to be more beneficial to the skin?

  • bbeautymarkd 4 years ago

    @Pat Dempsey aww thanks!! I appreciate that a lot. I’m really trying to help give that extra info. Take care, xoxo

  • bbeautymarkd 4 years ago

    @thedolphin1985 I haven’t heard of those two. That sounds great though because so many mineral lines don’t have great color selection. Ill check it out :)

  • Pat Dempsey 4 years ago

    Hi. I just wanted thank you. You are 1 of the few MUA that doesn’t just show how to apply makeup, but actually explained how to/not to apply makeup correctly & why, actually, I don’t think I’ve only come across 1 other MUA that does any of that, most others just show “how to apply, to Gera certain look. THANK YOU! PS: LOVE YOUR WORK!

  • thedolphin1985 4 years ago

    I meant Alima Pure. The “m” was left

  • thedolphin1985 4 years ago

    Hello Kitty mirror, so cute! Have you heard of Ali a Pure or Everyday minerals? Both are mineral makeups with LOTS of shades for women of ALL colors and undertones. Unlike Bare Minerals, I can wear AP or EM without my skin breaking out and getting itchy. Plus you can order cheap samples of almost every type of makeup they offer.

  • Moca Mist 4 years ago

    This line can not be serious with their color selection. Hello!! Black people do exist. I

  • Chana319 4 years ago

    Not enough color selections for african american skin!

  • xioandstuff 4 years ago

    Does this makeup oxidize?, other mineral makeup lines oxidize on my skin.

  • kimisilv 4 years ago

    Your skin is impeccable. I don’t see any reason for you to use foundation! I have the LM mineral foundation. Originally, I was matched to classic beige but found it to be a little too light. I swapped it for the next shade (+darker) Pure Honey and it is too dark. Any tips on how to fix the color? I quite like the product.

  • LSbyBrittanyJovon 4 years ago

    I’ve noticed a great difference with bare minerals but everyone is different. One thing for sure is you can’t expect makeup to cure your skin if you’re not FIRST taking care if it with basic skin care. Buying a product from a wide range store is much different than going to that specific store where they are TRAINED on the product to teach the do’s and don’ts. I do love that this mineral makeup comes in liquid form. I also 100% agree that everyone should RESEARCH ingredients as opposed to hype.

  • DeeDee Scott 4 years ago

    is it for all skin type?

  • GiGi Cruz 4 years ago

    Omg I kno exactly what mineral brand people go crazy about… Bare minerals!! Ugh I hate it it’s horrible for the skin! All my guest come in for that brand because they fall for the hype. And then they wonder y the skin is aging so fast. Great video!

  • BombshellMonroe 4 years ago

    Love your videos! Very informative!

  • bbeautymarkd 4 years ago

    @411nats hey! Jane iredale is actually one of those really great mineral lines! The ingredients are super healthy as well. I know some people that are happy with it

  • bbeautymarkd 4 years ago

    @wynterstorm04 I agree with you. I think my only con for this brand was that there definitely needs to be more colors!

  • Ashli Folkes 4 years ago

    Thanks Micky

  • wynterstorm04 4 years ago

    The product looks great on you. I wish they had a better range of darker colors.

  • prttylady08 4 years ago

    Great video! Very informative. What are your thoughts of the Lily Lolo mineral foundation brand?

  • kimmy1984 4 years ago

    Very informative video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Loo Leu 4 years ago

    this brand looks really amazing, and it made your skin look even more beautiful thank you for introducing it to us!!

  • 411nats 4 years ago

    Hi wondered about your thoughts on the Jane Iredale line? Been using this mineral line for awhile now and I think its good too but would be great to get your thoughts. thanks

  • Stepheemeza 4 years ago

    Beautiful skin :) 

  • PoizonouzEyez 4 years ago

    amazing I love learning about new healthy products! for reference what color are you at mac?

  • khlomar101 4 years ago

    Eye makeup tutorial? (:

  • FitnessBeautyNerd 4 years ago

    What do you think of The Body Shop’s Extra Virgin Mineral Powder?

  • bbeautymarkd 4 years ago

    As of now the most accessible is to order online. (I believe it’s at certain boutiques as well) but visit advancedmineralmakeup ( link is in the description box)
    Good point, I definitely agree with that mostly in regards with everyday things. It’s good to be exposed to lots of bacteria for immunity purposes.
    Just with makeup wise a lot of people have to be careful because there’s bad bacteria that can grow which actually can make acne increase, since acne is a form of bad bacteria.

  • ddgladiva 4 years ago

    Great video-extremely informative. Thanks so much

  • Ivyeducator1908 4 years ago

    Looks like a good product…where did you purchase it? Several of my docs and friends who are docs have told me that having everything antibacterial is not good…the body needs good bacteria and antibacterial products kill both good and bad bacteria.

  • Candace Sheppard 4 years ago

    If no one else has said it… You. are. flawless! And a great review :)

  • drkangel755 4 years ago

    Very important and helpful tip. Im sure to buy the cosmetics dictionary. Idk that existed. Thanks. Research is key.

  • nowhatbeauty 4 years ago

    Love the eyeshadow and the hello kitty mirror

  • bbeautymarkd 4 years ago

    great tip =)

  • kyra williams 4 years ago

    And for those with acne prone skin, just tap the product into the lid and clean the lid with alcohol, never let the brush touch the mineral supply.

  • kyra williams 4 years ago

    I still like Bare Escentuals and I worked for Sephora too so I like a lot of brands, however you are right…the full flawless face brush by Bare is tragic!!! They need to do better.

  • FitnFabWithGenevieve 4 years ago

    Great video! Very informative:)

  • meHoldmeOwn 4 years ago

    you are very eloquent in your speech.very pleasant

  • afrikahchick 4 years ago

    Great vid!! I need full coverage so I’ll be looking into something else. :-)

  • brunetteforsure 4 years ago

    soo pretyy :)

  • Nicole Asim 4 years ago

    I would love to try the mineral makeup. Your skin looks really fresh and dewy. What color are you in makeup forever and mac?

  • MissDivanisha 4 years ago

    Nice. I may have to try this. Thanks for sharing.