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part 2: Pur Mineral Makeup Foundation – Golden Medium Allover Blush – Marble Powder Pink Blush – Roselite Lips – R…

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  • marionetemanJ 4 years ago

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  • 0smiile0 4 years ago

    The brush that you said was too big for your eye, is that the Quo Cream eyeshadow brush? I have that brush and I use it for concealer aswell because it is just so HUGE!

  • Quincy5432 4 years ago

    Good! Im glad you found them helpful:) When I first went to buy this product i too went for tan. But then I just tried the golden medium and saw it was perfect. I think when you have tanned skin, choosing a mineral makeup that is your colour match or slightly lighter is good because it creates nice highlights and accentuates areas like cheek bones.

  • Aishwarya39 4 years ago

    Hi! Thanks so much for the tutorial. It was very helpful :-) . My kit arrived today. Unfortunately it was the wrong shade- golden medium when I had ordered tan. Surprisingly enough, it was a perfect match! I am very happy with this product. I’m glad to see that you also like to use rose water. I’m from India and so whenever I travel to MA I end up buying several spray bottles of it. Its amazing how versatile rose water is. Keep your videos coming! All of them have been very helpful so far :-)