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WATCH IN HD! My bad there isnt a Makeup Store in NY or London, however there is one in Denver,US and they do have a website where you can order from. http://…

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  • SnmGlamour 4 years ago

    ~Haha this reminds me of my story. I went to Lancome & They gave me a color that was wayyyy to light.

  • 86Hannad 4 years ago

    awww that sucks! sorry about that. if i see any other brand that has a similar shade i will def let you know. hopefully the Ka’oir will work for you :) let me know if it does

  • afierceb 4 years ago

    Thanks girl for telling me about this lipstick but it doesn’t look like you can order it online. I found one by Ka’oir called invisible! I’m going to try this one and if it doesn’t work, I’m done. I’ve purchased 5 different nude lipsticks from Mac, Revlon to Nyx and none fit me. Thanks again

  • 86Hannad 4 years ago

    thanks alot :)  still learning lol

  • beyondbeautifulbarbi 4 years ago

    Nice haul love