Added by on May 28, 2013

This is a makeup for beginners video. I started off quickly showing colors to use during the day for work. Then I quickly changed the look to suit after hour…

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  • Sheila Motives 4 years ago

    Thanks for your comment shopwithLiberty! Stay tuned for more soon!

  • Sheila Motives 4 years ago

    Hi smeadows717! I know what you mean. I was trying to get some videos out because I had been waiting too long for the ‘perfect’ timing. Hopefully, with the next videos, the quality and lighting might be better! Thanks for commenting!!

  • shopwithLiberty 4 years ago

    great video, thanks! Motives is not my major with the company but I love makeup! Love to see tips on application!

  • Sherry Meadows 4 years ago

    You are a great makeup artist, but the lighting was dark, I see the makeup, but not very well. Thank you.

  • Sheila Motives 4 years ago

    Thanks Gulabanar! Stay tuned for more!

  • gulabanar 4 years ago

    I love it. It was nice to see the changes from no makeup to day makeup and to evening makeup.
    Thank you Sheila.