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3 EASY & Simple Hairstyles I’ve been wearing lately ❤ Please check out my EBAY STORE RECENT VIDEOS: My Curls are ba…


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  • Samantha Reilly 3 years ago

    Super cute sweets

  • Karen Patricia 3 years ago

    real cute. i will be trying these

  • ShekinahShazaam 3 years ago

    How is it you’re melting yet still look gorgeous?! lol
    Love these looks! Your smile always just makes my day too<3

  • Curly red 3 years ago

    Your eyes are so unique!! 

  • Gaia Bethea 3 years ago

    lmao youre melting

  • Yuup_VA_Pinoy 3 years ago

    Hey Pretty Woman… I see your Curls!! lol 

  • stylebycutesyhygiene 3 years ago

    I love your hair boo

  • RyMingTahn 3 years ago

    My 3 Go To Curly Hair Styles

  • Kiwi The Beauty 3 years ago

    You hair texture is very similar to mine! I just subbed! Cheers ;) 

  • kaseklozed 3 years ago

    All 3 styles look great on you.
    God bless~

  • musicaldancedreamer 3 years ago

    last one is my fave have to try it

  • Melissa Torres 3 years ago

    Goodness gracious girl! The things you do for us! It was worth it though, I
    loved these hairstyles! I’ve been looking for a cute way to get my hair out
    of my face and these are perf! Tysm! Im glad your hair recovered well, for
    the most part!
    Take care & stay gorgeous love!

  • pangeleta1967 3 years ago

    hey…just wanted to say: 1) more than likely your hair is NOT damaged. 2)
    your curl pattern is just looser than you expected 3) you can strip the
    keratin out by using a shampoo w sulfates and by adding salt and/or baking
    soda to it. You may have to do this every other day but it WILL strip it
    out 4) the front of your hair must be a softer/looser texture naturally to
    start w hence the straighter portions

    I am a licensed cosmetologist now but when I was in school, I had the full
    Keratin Complex treatment and reacted the same as you did in your previous
    video. I thought I was literally going to have a stroke because my hair was
    super flat. But one of my instructors told me what to do and it worked! NO
    damage, no residual problems at all.

    Months later I got the Keratin Complex express and it was exactly what I
    wanted. The difference is: the full, I had to sit with the keratin in my
    hair for 30 min, then she blow dried my hair w the keratin in it, flat
    ironed my hair in 1/4″ sections with about 7 to 10 passes of the flat iron.

    With the express: keratin was applied, she blow dried and flat ironed with
    only 2 passes in larger 1/2″ sections.

    You & your curls will be just fine ;) 

  • Rondia Davis 3 years ago

    Your hair is definitely looser but it is coming back really nicely. Keep it
    up….looks really good. Your regimen is working to get those curls back,