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My Birthday Makeup Tutorial! Please give the video a thumbs up :) Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorial: My birthday blog post: http:/…

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  • bieberfully 4 years ago

    So amazing <3

  • Eugenie Hawke 4 years ago

    You look really pretty in this

  • Alyssa Douglass 4 years ago

    Rude. Its her birthday makeup. Her choice. She looks amazing little miss could have done better.  VVVV

  • Fernanda Esparza 4 years ago

    Right liner is thicker

  • Fernanda Esparza 4 years ago

    You could have done better :/

  • MzJoyz23 4 years ago

    Please share where your blue ring is from!! Btw, you’re beautiful Tanya!!!

  • Anela Gold 4 years ago

    Tanya you are just so perfect I love you so much being a teenage girl I find all of videos very helpful

  • luella404 4 years ago

    #1) love all of your videos! #2) i’m not a huge miley cyrus fan. #3) that being said, her makeup in her new music video “We can’t stop” is incredible. #4) would you do a tutorial on her makeup look from the video please???

  • jacklynannmarie 4 years ago

    This is just beautiful! Love it!

  • MissMaddieMara 4 years ago

    As soon as you posted this video I ran out to the shops within the hour and bought Kiss Me Coral! I must say, I love this product! I adore it, thank you so much Tanya!

  • panqueques condulcedeleche 4 years ago

    I want some birthday cake! ;)

  • 1derfulnatasha 4 years ago


  • cuteologist82 4 years ago

    Less blush is my really only critique

  • Kat Holovinsky 4 years ago

    i used to do make-up but decided to go back to uni. I am now on a budget like a poor student lol but i want to break it to go and purchase everything you used in your tutorial! So pretty :) xx

  • cuteologist82 4 years ago

    Wow that is really yellow but u r so pretty that all is forgiven

  • TheSilverVeela 4 years ago

    Really loved this makeup!

  • cynthialions 4 years ago

    Tanya you were the first beauty youtuber I ever watched and now I’ve been inspired to make my own! I hope you’ll take a look!

  • Aliciadayl777 4 years ago

    You are so beautifulllll

  • samasia skipperable 4 years ago

    Hi Tanya I have asked before could you do make for mature women meaning 40-50, I would like that a lot. Happy belated birthday.

  • cleopatra caat 4 years ago

    awww Tanya I love watching your videos :) you make me so happy

  • Chanel Taliaferro 4 years ago

    What brush did you use for your contour

  • CourtenayAndrew 4 years ago

    I am getting do fed up. Please do more videos more often.

  • Altiogirls11 4 years ago

    You are amazing! I look up to you. I feel like I know you so well. Haha well you made my day better and I love when you talk to us in your videos

  • beautyandtipsntricks 4 years ago

    You look so beautiful! wow

  • Caitlyn Shea 4 years ago

    this is a beautiful look! Im going to the ballet on friday in NYC and im deff going to try to recreate this look!! <3

  • Cierra DePalmo 4 years ago

    Please do a skincare routine!

  • clairelovesboobear 4 years ago

    I have a dance coming up and I’m totally going to do this!!

  • lenthy100 4 years ago

    U wear way too much foundation