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Makeup For Party


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  • Johana Castro 4 years ago

    Hi Lisa! I just love you and your videos :) I have a question, I have REALLY black eyebrows, I thought on buying the suqqu pen, but I can’t find it in my country, do you have other options almost as good as that one? Thank you!

  • nata varon 4 years ago


  • Bella1818ful 4 years ago


  • Ella8955 4 years ago

    Hey Lisa, I was wondering if women with rather dark/ medium blonde hair should use a black eyeshadow for the smokey-eye as well or if a dark brownish colour would suit better? Thanks you sooo much for sharing all your knowledge with us <3!!!

  • Alexia dL 4 years ago

    Hi Lisa, I was wondering how you became a make up artist. Did you teach yourself or you went to a special school for it? How did you get to were you are now? You know make up for stars.

  • abby louise 4 years ago

    I can’t get over how beautiful you are.

  • damselindiktat 4 years ago

    I friggin love Cheryl’s makeup and its so awesome to see you do it :D

  • ellis10032002 4 years ago

    Luv ur hair xxx

  • Laura Townsend 4 years ago

    Lisa, I looove your hair here! x

  • Sophia L. 4 years ago

    What a legendary woman! Lisa you’re so talented and classy!

  • thisisfoxx 4 years ago

    I will probably never need to know how to make myself look like Cheryl Cole… but I enjoyed just watching you talk! :-)

  • JenSerenaRita Slay 4 years ago

    Love this look! Thank you Lisa

  • DearDiary Caro 4 years ago

    aaabsolutely love this look. i am so wearing thi tomorrow

  • sezkins79 4 years ago

    i want to try this straightaway!!!!

  • Fliss Murphy 4 years ago

    Amazing x

  • cpxxx 4 years ago

    you look gorgeous in this !

  • Istebrak 4 years ago

    I love you Lisa. You inspire me to be professional in my art field. You’re so solid, and grounded, and learned and brave.

    I love how mature you are.

    I want to know you read this, I really wish for you to know how much I respect you.

  • Melissa K 4 years ago

    You made the eyes look so easy, I always mess up black smokey eyes, i can never seem to blend it to look that good!

  • etazey 4 years ago

    Is that all you did to the eyes?! That’s so effortless but looks grand!!!!

  • lisaway028 4 years ago


  • ancasek 4 years ago

    It’s beautiful. I know you do make-up tutorials, but could you do a hair tutorial for this look? I’ve been trying to make my hair look like this for ages and failed miserably. My hair is very fine and the curls get to tight. Yours, on the other hand, looks effortless, relaxed and beautiful.

  • AllRightBeauty 4 years ago

    I’m so excited to try this out~

  • adrianavargova 4 years ago

    Your appearance here is so young, fresh, sexy!

  • adrianavargova 4 years ago

    Yes, I agree. Lisa, you look much much better than Cheryl. My jaw fell down when I saw you at the end of the video.

  • Jessie Pugh 4 years ago

    your more beautiful than Cheryl wow stunning :) xxxx

  • mirkakaratza 4 years ago

    I don’t have a twitter account!! Could you do it for me?????

    And give me feedback?

  • mirkakaratza 4 years ago

    I don’t have a twitter account!! Could you do it for me?????
    And give me feedback?

  • Zeina t 4 years ago

    tweet her !

  • Meela C 4 years ago

    you look so amazing in this tutorial!

  • ncheing1987 4 years ago

    Lisa!! i love you…you are my heroine! its inspiring the way u apply the products and make up. Really an artist! I have always wonder if u could do a tutorial about drugstore products -skin care n make up- as a way for people with low incomes to look pretty too. Id really appreaciate it.
    Love from South florida :*

  • mirkakaratza 4 years ago

    Ηοw can we make Lisa see the comments and answer back???
    A lot of people ask the same question!!!!

  • TheMafin10 4 years ago

    no, not yet :)

  • TheMafin10 4 years ago

    oh ^^ sorry i didnt see that you wrote an answer :) well thanks so much for the comment, i thought about vaselinge first too, but i wasnt sure if it was just going to ruin the eyeshadow… but i think i ll just try, or like you said, look for a product that contains those ingredients!

  • mirkakaratza 4 years ago

    Lisa could you answer please?
    Everyone here is asking: Is there another product we can use instead of Mixing Medium-Shine?
    Please please answer!!!!!