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Open For Info: Song – Ellie Golding – Figure 8 – Extended Remix Products used: Benefit that gal brightening face primer Maybelline Fit me – 210 Estee Lauder …


Makeup For Party



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  • Careluvzu 3 years ago

    your skin is gorgeous you don’t even need the foundation :) you do a really
    good job doing your liner but your eyes would pop a lot more if you just
    wore mascara :) check out my videos if you have the time

  • Molly Morleyy 3 years ago

    You are beautiful! I love your eyeliner :) :)

  • guilasjanina 3 years ago

    Too much bronzer doo but the make up looks pretty

  • Disruptlove 3 years ago

    I think that’s a little too much bronzer.

  • winkpeacepoutx 3 years ago

    i’ve loved your videos from the beginning but lately ive noticed that every
    makeup routine/get ready with me makeup video is the same! switch your
    routine up a bit if you’re gonna show us every week! still love you though x

  • Charlotte Sandy 3 years ago

    you apply your eyeliner perfectly omg :(

  • MamaMiaMakeup 3 years ago

    Because she’s absolutely beautiful without it!

  • SprinkleOfFun 3 years ago

    sooo pretty xx

  • MakeupMilliexoxo 3 years ago

    My school doesn’t allow Makeup but I still wear some but not heavy or
    anything, just concealer and mascara (maybe a bit of natural blush too)

  • Ashley Mehling 3 years ago

    Chill with the foundation you have beautiful skin without all of it

  • Celeste Loo 3 years ago

    I think it’s so awesome that you don’t wear make up to school. It’s nice to
    see someone who loves make up but is still confident enough to go natural :) Thanks so much!

  • SmallFurryPaws 3 years ago

    Alot of schools in britain dont alow makeup!

  • juliette o 3 years ago

    how do you know she’s not wearing make-up to school ? :)

  • xXBlueLeoXx 3 years ago

    @emena1231 I guess you didn’t read the very beginning of her video, she
    clearly stated that she doesn’t wear makeup every day.

  • Rachel Dodson 3 years ago

    You do alot of the same videos….

  • Amy Manley 3 years ago

    Love you chloe! I love this and the background music! Your so beautiful! Xx

  • kasami96 3 years ago

    I like how you look without makeup, it’s like going from innocent to

  • Audrey R 3 years ago

    my school makeup: mascara and concealer… yeahh, I don’t really care too
    much about wearing make-up to school either :/ I AIN’T GOT NOBODY TO

  • efa lalal 3 years ago

    i think your makeups really nice and its up to you how you like :) not
    everyone in the world is going to like it but if you like it like that ,
    than just wear it like that :) dont mind them comments about to much
    foundation and bronzer because you dont wear makeup on school days you
    might want on the weekennds to wear more as it only the 2 days :) !love all
    your videos x

  • hanna CS 3 years ago

    You shouldn’t have to justify yourself, you can wear as much make up as you
    want :) at least you do it well

  • Ciarra_Elizabeth 3 years ago

    Great video!! Love it!!!

  • Emily Mena 3 years ago

    you dont need to wear makeup everyday..

  • Carn Kargotis 3 years ago

    What do tou use to add text to your video pictures? Please reply!!

  • sharonmalu 3 years ago

    how do you manage to still look good with that shit ton of bronzer on

  • PixxieDust 3 years ago

    Amazing xx

  • Ash D 3 years ago

    It’s from collection :) you can buy it from pretty much any drugstore,
    boots, superdrug and even asda! :)

  • Nicole Logan 3 years ago

    WOW, she might as well just use bronzer as foundation because she was about
    1millimeter away from doing so… It’s also bad when almost half of the
    views on this video agree… looks like a bad make-up version of Mellie
    from Gypsy Sisters :O

  • LaughOutLoudLaura101 3 years ago

    Love the eyeliner! Rally don’t like the Bronzer or brows, still loved the
    video though xxx

  • Mariah lynn 3 years ago

    Where did you get your felt tip eyeliner?(:

  • shelby mc 3 years ago

    Where did u get the wake me up concealer? love ur videos btw xxxx

  • littlemissmakeup01 3 years ago

    so pretty<3

  • Jordan Theresa ♡ 3 years ago

    Maybe her school might not allow it xx

  • haley Edwards 3 years ago

    Don’t judge:):):)

  • danniella olivia 3 years ago

    maybe the camera is picking up the bronzer darker than it actually is and
    even if it was like that who cares its her makeup and her choice chill out
    guys.. :-)

  • struntitbby 3 years ago

    the bronzer is pretttty !!!

  • fairydustperfume 3 years ago

    Apsaloutley beautiful,wish i was as talented at makeup as you Chloe xxx

  • Sarwat Nadeem 3 years ago

    Pretty look sweety xxxxx

  • Lucy Latham 3 years ago

    ahh stunning!

  • Emilyy H 3 years ago

    Amazing!! Ly xxx